Dec 14, 2010

Tuesday recap

Tuesday I awoke feeling surprisingly well.  I have limited pain and swelling, kudos to Dr Shivani!!!  Since I was feeling good we decided to head out for a bit.  We headed to M Block market and I bought some Himalayan skin care products (at 30 rupees who can resist!).  We decided to cave and try MacDonald's, which we never eat at home.  There is one close to the hotel so we made our way over and got take out.  It was different than at home. 
Shortly after Kim came over with her daughter and we headed to the roof top patio for tea and oreos.  Kims daughter brought the oreo cookies so we all indulged a bit.   We had a great visit, swapped stories and really enjoyed the afternoon together.
As Kim was leaving my friend Nilesh called to see if we could do dinner.  A couple hours after Kim and her daughter left we finally met Nilesh.  I worked with Nilesh for almost two years in Toronto and we have kept in touch since.  We ended up going to the South Extension to Moti Mahal and had a great Indian spread (too much food, but oh so tasty!)

Nilesh had a driver so getting around was easy.  We headed back to our hotel around 10:30 and said our goodbyes.

Oh and finally, we ended up with 8 eggs.  We will know fert results today ad it is TRANSFER day!!!!  We are going to Phoenix later for Mark to leave a sample for the future should we not get pregnant this time.  We will not be freezing anything as we have a negative frozen factor and Dr Shivani will not play that game...which makes us SO  SO  SO happy!!  We will use up whatever embryos we have and hope and pray.  It only takes on (two would be nice)


  1. I'm so glad the retrieval went well and that you are feeling well. Our fingers and toes are crossed for good fertilization and transfers!

  2. Fingers crossed! Good luck to you! You have people around the world cheering you on. It's your turn for happy results. Thanks for letting us follow your journey.

  3. Fantastic that you've had such little discomfort - lets hope it continues! And yep, you only need one (or two), so the rest is a bonus. When are you guys heading home?

  4. Great Kerrie. Please explain negative frozen factor for me as I have no idea what that means. 8 is fabulous. All you need is one. I am anxiously awaiting the next step. Holding you and Mark int he light and all the eggs and sperms.

  5. Go Bunny go. Always thinking of you Turd as I am keeping taps on you. I am very glad you both are well and cannot wait for results. In two more days you will catch up to me!!!
    Love and good karma your way strong girl. Like bull!

  6. So glad to hear your news!!! 8 is wonderful!!! Best wishes with transfer!!!

  7. Eight is GREAT! You are right it only takes one but two would be wonderful! Safe travels on your journey home, can't wait to catch up.


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