Dec 21, 2011

Four months already!

My goodness the time is flying!! It is hard to believe that one year ago we were home biting our nails waiting for the results from SCI and now, we have a four month old daughter!  Just shows, dreams are possible and persistence pays off!!
Cailyn continues to be a happy happy girl, smiling all day and at anyone who even looks at her.  She went with me for my blood ozone treatment last week and sat on my lap for the whole procedure.  She grabbed the IV line that was full of my ozonated blood a few times but other than that she just enjoyed the visit with the doctor.  We also had a visit from Ursula, a visit from Stephanie and went out to a daytime party.  At the party, Cailyn found all the kids fascinating but was particularly taken with baby Kai.  She smiled and kicked alot when he entered the room - it was really cute to watch!
Cailyn continues to sleep through the night with no issue!  She is really good at tummy time and can roll over from tummy to back.  When she rolls over the landing is quite the site.  She slams her heals into the floor and spreads her arms out to the side, all the while smiling pleased with her accomplishment!

A visit from Ursula

Sleepy baby after playing with Ursula

My birthday flowers

Holy hannah. what a big coat!

Cailyn was very interested in baby Kai!
Notice Cailyns' red bangles bought in India...everyone was covered in glitter after holding her!

Tummy time - I like to move it..I like to move it...
Christmas will be quite enjoyable this year (finally), now that we have our very own Christmas angel. For those of you out there that are struggling to get pregnant or have suffered recent losses I want you to know that we all hope and pray for your success. The holidays are a horrible time for most people travelling the infertile road. I do know the pain and how exhausting it can be to try and put on a happy face during these times. Stay as strong as you can or want to, and do not feel obligated to always be the happy aunt/uncle, and if it gets to be too much - do what you need to do - go home, drink wine, cry, whatever it is, it is ok. One day you will hold your own baby, sadly, just not today. I often remember our first Christmas after burying our first born seemed that Mark and I were the only ones who remembered that this happened. We had no joy, we had no interest in the festivities, yet, sadly, everyone around us did. We wanted to crawl home and feel crushed and just stay that way, and, we just wanted to tell EVERYONE to F-OFF! The thought of going to the grave site was overwhelming, yet the feeling of guilt for not wanting to go, especially at Christmas was equally as troubling. The emotional turmoil of a loss goes way deeper than what we see on the surface.   

Try to find some peace this holiday season, and if not peace, find hope.  We found hope in India and that was all that kept us going.

Dec 16, 2011

One year ago....

One year ago (Dec. 16/2010) we had 6 little embryos transferred in India, the same day baby Isla was born.  Happy first birthday Isla!!!!   Last year on this day we were very busy packing to fly home after our IVF in New Delhi.  We were anxious to hear about our transfers  (2 surrogates) but were quite occupied with sorting out going home.   It was also on that day that I turned 40 and got to be 40 for 10.5 hours longer due to the time change in India!
Oh how a year can change life!! I will always remember turning 40 as such an optimistic time in my life! update is live today.  This week I detail Cailyn's second day at the hospital and finally getting to hold her and bring her home!

Dec 13, 2011

Having multiples!

No no, not us, just wanted to give a big shout out to all our friends who have had multiples!  Mark and I often make mention of how hard it must be to have multiples, hard, yet joy filled.  Tonight as I write this, I am exhausted.  We have a little girl who feels no need to sleep from 9 am to 10:30 pm and I can only imagine the fatigue that would come with two, or three , or my goodness four!  We love every minute of it as do you I am sure.  Besides the busy-ness, there are the constant wardrobe changes due to Niagara Falls style spit up.  Bibs...what a waste of time!   So, my friends, parents of multiples,  I have huge respect for you!  I am not sure how you stay standing, but god love ya for being such wonderful parents!!!

Onto the princess diaries....

Cailyn's 16th week started as previously posted with vaccinations.  The aftermath of diarrhea, increased spit up and general fussiness ended about 72 hours after the shots.  Cailyn attended a birthday party for a 2 year old and was much enjoyed by the parents and the birthday boy, who just happens to be the sweetest most gentle little guy (xoxo Nathaneal).  Week 16 also found mommy and grandparents all sick.  Mommy recovered quickly and we continued on about our daily routine of getting me into shape.  Mark came home from work early most days in week 16 so Cailyn really got to enjoy time with her daddy.  The daily dance party continues, have video to upload of her "rockin out" - planning to do this over the next few days.  Cailyn is teething like a bastard and the drool only adds to the ongoing wardrobe changes.  She likes "Sophie" but Sophie is a bit big still for her to gnaw on.

Sophie is too big for my mouth!

Chillaxin in the king size bed

Reading in the king size bed

All bundled to go out! (And yes, thats a sun hat on her head...if it fits, wear it!)

Childrens Christmas party

What an angel when she DOES sleep! The sleeping bag is from India (Mom&Me)...thanks Nilesh!! I wish we had a few more of them as they are the best we have used so far!

Tummy time in jailbird stripes!

Tummy time is FUN!

Laughing during tummy time

Rolled over to the reward of pastic keys on a ring.

Dec 5, 2011

Week 15

So, we vaccinated.  It is with a very mixed heart that I say this.  Since my life tends to take a naturopathic approach, I/we have agonized over vaccinating.  This was an extremely difficult decision for us.  I know most parents vaccinate because that's what "we" do and the doctor's appointment progress in such a way that it just becomes part of the routine.  I on the other hand question everything especially concerning pharmaceuticals. We are fortunate to have a doctor who supported us either way, but when I walked into her office to say we were vaccinating, she was very pleased.  She mentioned a recent study that linked vaccinating to lowered incidence of SIDS.  I told her this was not a selling point for me nor are any of the other studies, and fortunately, she understands me and continued on to make sure I was super comfortable and "ok" at that moment (which I wasn't). 
The first part of the visit was a general check up.  Despite spitting up what seems 4 of the 5oz Cailyn eats, she has packed on some weight and grew a few cm's in length.  She remains in the 50th percentile which is great, tracking at average on all measures.   After the check up the two dreaded needles came out.  Dr P was super quick, one in one leg, the second in the other leg.  Cailyn had a delayed reaction and shortly after the second one started to cry.  It broke my heart.  I felt uber guilty that I had done this too her.  Fortunately she is such a great little girl that she recovered quickly and was ready to get the heck out of there! Once home for the rest of the day, Cailyn did well.  Late in the afternoon she showed signs of being a bit fussy and had a little cry to let me know.  She then had a nice sleep, then a little cry then another little sleep - these things are all outside of her norm.  She doesn't cry and she rarely naps so I knew the pattern was her dealing with the medical toxins and discomfort at point of entry.  Poor little sausage.
Cailyn continues to say "HI!" and feels the need to interrupt adult conversation with her boisterous and adorable Hi!  She can hold rattles, toys etc with ease and sits up with support - not long now until she can sit up on her own. We have not started her on solids and do not plan to until she is minimum six months.  The timing of feeding solids is another parent controversy with different schools of thoughts.  Cailyn continues to sleep through the night YAY! Every day is full of fun with our little girl! 

Al dressed to head out!

An adorable ensemble from Rinku!! Notice the gorgeous faux fur vest - what a riot!! By Cailyn's expression you can see she is not loving being all dressed up.

The preferred choice of clothing by Cailyn, happier.

Post strip down, having fun with daddy!

Birth weight  6.37 lbs
Weight at 5 weeks  8.08 lbs
Weight at 8 weeks  10.11 lbs 
Weight at 15 weeks  14.02 lbs 
Length at Birth  49.5 cm 
Length at 5 weeks  53.34 cm
Length at 8 weeks  56.00 cm
Length at 15 weeks  62 cm

Nov 29, 2011

Week 14

Cailyn is 14 weeks old!! Soon we can call her 4 months! I previously posted a pic of Cailyn with Santa, but wanted to show off how cute she was in her Christmas gown!  Not alot to say other than Cailyn is always smiling, always giggly and now can hold rattles, sleeps through the night and finds it hilarious when I exercise.  I have joined BodyMorph - vibrating oscillation workout.  Cailyn and I go every day, and she finds it hilarious as all my rolls and jelly butt wiggle and jiggle.  She laughs, but I am down 5 pounds in the first week!  Check out this week to read about our surprise that finally, we have our baby....girl!  ------->

Life is great with Cailyn!

Something came from Australia!!!  Cailyn spit up from sheer excitement!!!

The second dress for the next picture
My work has a Childrens Christmas party, Cailyn looked adorable....

Nov 22, 2011

Week 13

Besides the fact that it is starting to get super cold here, not a lot happened in the last week.  We had some nice social visits with other surrogacy clients who all enjoyed the pure chubbiness of Cailyns' little legs. 
Cailyn eats, poops, sleeps and has very impressive social skills.  She lets anyone hold her and always has a smile (except when she feels the fussiness of spit up making its way up her esphogus).  She has discovered television! Oh ..not good.  She will turn her neck in true exorcist fashion to watch it, and has even given me the business when I turned her away from it!  Time to nip that in the bud!
Cailyn gets very excited when Mark comes home from work.  At that time, for about one hour,  mommy no longer exists. It is really adorable to watch her coo over her daddy.  All of this is exactly what we have wanted for all these years.  Life is good with Cailyn in it!

Sometimes she eats in her bathrobe!

Look at those arms!!!  Looks like she may be strawberry blonde.

The shirt was given to us by Lara and Posh while in India.  It is just so adorable (and almost too small now)!!

Daddy and his girl chillaxing. Notice the tarp like bib on her to catch the pools of spit up!

Nov 14, 2011

Surrogacy in India...a good thing!

Where do we start?

Firstly, congrats to the whole gang in India with all the twin births!! Three sets of twins to three very deserving families!  The twin goodness is found on their blogs which I have the links on my sidebar...go check them out!

Our update is live this week...I keep the link updated over here now  ------------>

We have a new feature page on!  We opted to put our story out there, beyond this blog and to show a very positive experience in India.  Sometimes only the unfortunate stories get published in mass and we are anxious to override them!  There is always good and bad in every situation, but as of late, India is providing all great positive stories with happy healthy babies and parents!  Please have a look at the link:

Onto Cailyn...
Cailyn continues to grow grow grow!  She is sleeping a fair bit these days which is a good sign of a growth spurt.  For the last 5 weeks , Cailyn rarely slept during the day, anxious to not miss a thing!  As of last week, she sleeps a bit during the day and is sleeping 10 hours at night.  Grow baby grow!

We really struggled with the whole vaccine dilemma.  Cailyn is the most precious thing in our life and the thought of putting her at any risk has made the decision very difficult.   Canadian guidelines recommend vaccinations start at 2 months...well, that time has passed and we took this time to really think about it, weighing out the pros and cons of going either way.  In our research we have found that most people are very misguided about the local regulations especially when it comes to schooling.  So, with very mixed thoughts, we will vaccinate...ugh.  It's a terribly hard pill for us to swallow.  I know that the vaccines will protect her from polio, measles etc, but at the same time I hate the thought of injecting her with even the smallest dose of medical poison.  We plan to do it this Friday so that daddy is available to help out overnight if needed.  Wish us luck!

We picked up our new ride on Wednesday!  The back has privacy tinted windows and its own set of heat/air vents!  Cailyn seems to love it so far!

Daddy feeding - Cailyn is so long now she has to put her feet up on mark's chest!
Oh so little before...

Ah, being on the tummy - causes a nice milky drool!

Cailyn had a visitor all the way from India! Despite the language barrier, Daadi managed to coax Cailyn into a nice little nap.

This is our girl, always smiling!!  (iPhone pics really are bad quality)

Chillin in polka dots.  (another crummy iPhone pic)

Nov 7, 2011

Week 11

My goodness, the time goes so quickly!! Cailyn had a visit from baby Kai who is one month old, and seeing him reminded me of how much Cailyn has grown!  We opted to buy a new vehicle and sorted that out on the weekend.  Hopefully, god willing, we will be able to have a sibling for Cailyn so we opted to go for an SUV that could accommodate all the baby gear and hopefully another baby one day.  We are just waiting to hear on the availability of the new vehicle..hopefully soon (like this week) so we can have a family vehicle again, that is safe for all of us. 
Last night Cailyn decided she was ready to laugh, out loud! It was the cutest thing ever!!!  She definitely has a girlie laugh! Cailyn has also started to cut a tooth!  White bud is visible and the clear never ending drool too.  It's early but there is not really a textbook baby is there.  Cailyn also says "hi" frequently, and it's not just us who hear it.  She has said "I love you" when we sing Skiddamarink a few times also.  She is a busy busy girl who chooses NOT to sleep during the day for fear of missing something fun.

Cailyn is a chunky monkey for sure! Sweet little Kai checking out the couch cushions.

She needs to dance!

Sunday we went for a walk in the marsh with my sister.

This is from this morning, our always smiling little gem!

Oct 31, 2011

Our little pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

Oh dear, not a happy girl! She decided she was suddenly hungry!

Much happier! (post bottle)

Curious. pretty!! She had fun now that her belly was full.