Jan 24, 2011

8 weeks

Yay for 8 weeks!!  Baby is measuring at 8 weeks , 16mm which is just slightly ahead of actual dates (all normal).   Heartbeat is 171 bpm and we can actually see baby shape in  the ultrasound pics!!! 
Many of you have come up with great nick names for your growing baby like Bubble, baby WAM, peanut etc., and since I love that damn talking gopher, its has been collectively decided that our growing baby will be called Alan.  Yes, Alan.   We know this baby could be a girl, but the humour in the name of Alan suits us too well. 
Here are two pics of Alan...

click on the picture for a larger image

Today is Monday and our updated story is live on thenextfamily.com 
This week details our second trip to Mumbai and our second scary shipment of embryos


  1. ...and what a chubby little gopher at that!
    Lovely scan...the end of the 1st trimester is fast approaching!!!!

  2. Alan looks great!!! This is so exciting.

  3. One of the cutest little babies I've ever seen. Love, GeGe

  4. Hmmm...looks like Alan has been joining Daddy on his snack attacks! LOL
    So proud to be the aunt of this little gopher. :)
    And Alan can easily turn into...Alan, Alain, Alana, Ellen....


  5. I see a baby shape. Alan! I see Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan!

    This is just perfect! Can't for your nest scan and to watch "ALAN!" grow.

    He will never hake that name, same as Toby will never shake off Daisy

  6. ...or is it Steve??!? Regardless, agree with Meg that bubs is never going to shake that name - ever!! Brilliant to see Alan starting to take on a baby shape.

  7. Helloooo Alan! It should have been Alvin, Simone, Theadore...lol...love the name.

    Glad things are going well, its looks like u (beautiful)and has marks eyes, hehe.

  8. Looking good Alan! BTW, This ultrasound is so much clearer than any ultrasound I ever received. Can't wait to see Alan's next glamour-shot!


  9. Yay for you little Alan!! Love the pic, know you are over the moon!

  10. Love the name for the little one and of course the video - hilarious!!! Go Alan Go!!!


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