Jan 17, 2011

Blood ozone..not for those who cannot stand the site of blood.

Friday night Mark reached to the tap to turn it on and threw his back out.  Saturday morning he was crippled with pain.  Luckily we had appointments at our ND's for ozone treatment so we knew he could get some help when we were there.   We both had out treatment then Dr Srajeldin gave Mark some premium back care services.   Mark spent about 45 minutes having the doctor work on him.  He did an assessment, found the spasms and worked on them manually, then we did ultrasound treatment, then some chiro adjustments.  The adjustments were very painful for Mark but by 8 pm Saturday evening he was out of pain and walking normally.  We are very fortunate to have this doctor in our lives!!
Some of you have asked what Blood Ozone is, so I took a few pictures to show you.
Step one: An IV in inserted and a line hooked up to a sterile glass bottle.  The line is set up in reverse mode to withdraw blood.   This picture shows my arm with my blood flowing out into the line.

Here is my blood flowing into the glass bottle....  Mark is sitting across the room from me in is sweats managing thru his pain, and a bit squeamish at the site of blood.
Once enough blood has filled the bottle, the bottle is turned upside down and put back into your body.  As the blood slowly enters your body, the doctor inject its with Ozone gas.   As you can see, my blood is now in the bottle, upside down and the larger syringe contains ozone gas that enters the additional line on the apparatus.
Mark is not so fond of needles....

But the doc had a little fun with Mark  and made him hold it up like a beer... Cheers!

Why oh why would we do this you ask??? Well, for me, it is a good way of detoxing after all the IVF drugs and also after being sick for such a long time.  Fortunately, the benefit of adding lots of oxygen to Marks system via his blood minimized his healing time.  The royal family (yes the Queen) does this treatment once a week and they all tend to have very good health.  It's not for everyone - we get it, but for us the results are noticeable and well worth it.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I find this very interesting.

  2. I'm a big alternative medicine kind of person, so this sounds very sensible to me, especially as you said, for detox of the IVF meds.
    Just want you to know I am still praying everyday for you, Mark, and your precious little one. Love GeGe

  3. Oh Gosh Girl, i cant stand the sight of blood i pass out, lol. But it makes sense to do it, even if the queen does it, then hey i'm convinced. LoL

    Stay healthy and happy and you guys (and Baby) are always in our thought/prayers :)

  4. I can't believe Dr S. has a blog and is using Twitter! :)


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