Jan 11, 2011

Oh the irony

How ironic is it that we are FINALLY pregnant and our nextfamily.com blog recalls the challenges of getting to this point.  It feels weird to be posting the great news of our heartbeat and the same day reading about our challenges along the way.  Maybe ironic is not the word, but at 6:30 am its what I came up with.   Re-reading it does remind me of how important you have all become in our lives and how your love and support never wavered.  We are very fortunate and grateful to be part of this international surrogacy community. 


ps..we are 6 weeks pregnant!


  1. congratulations on the 6 weeks!
    im so happy for you:)
    im going to delhi and start my surrogacy process in a week!!!!
    im so exited and a nervevreck at the same time..

    best wishes

  2. It's good to revisit challenges every so often, as long as you don't need to relive them!! So, so glad that things are going so well for you now. Are you still giddy from finding out you have a heart beat?


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