Jan 14, 2011

Post nasal drip, 7 weeks and snow.

It is hard for us to believe we are entering our 7th week.  Surreal indeed.   I am not sure what is going on, but I am in a constant state of cold/sick. For the first time in my life I am dealing with post nasal drip - so disgusting!  I went to my Naturopath yesterday for blood ozone and he gave me a secondary injection of echinacea.  The administration of echinacea is quite cool - it is like a sub q injection but goes directly under the skin.   The fluid make a small bubble under your skin and slowly your body absorbs it.  About twenty minutes after this I started with mouth fulls of post nasal crap.  The injection is really causing major sinus drainage, which is a good thing.  Mark has never had an ozone treatment so we are going to see if we can get in on Saturday - I promise pictures if we can get an appointment!
We got hit with some lake affect snow on Wednesday and ended up with about 10cm's of the glorious flakes from above.  I proudly used the snow blower before work, and had a chuckle as the home reno crew next door (all boys) watched in amazement! 
To help kill time, we have painted our guest bedroom, painted our master bathroom and this weekends project is a complete redesign of our walk in closet.
Since the news of a positive the world has changed a little for us (as you can imagine).  We are optimistic that we will have a successful pregnancy, yet realistic that anything can happen.  Once we hit ten weeks and our embryo is now considered a baby we will feel relief making it to this point.  Mini milestones are critical in this journey, and we have hit a few, survived and continue onward.   Since Jeff and Kevin mentioned that our ultrasound "looks just like ya" I figured I would put up a picture of our growing baby and see if anyone agrees lol!!


  1. Hmmm... Maybe a little more like Mark? :)

  2. He has your eyes : ))


  3. Kerrie, can you explain ozone treatment. I love that you go to a naturopath. Feel better.

  4. LOL, u guys crack me up. WooHoo the snow blower u go girl! Can we borrow ur's, lol. All is well in the world when u guys are happy...when ur happy i'm happy...its a great thing.

    Painting, master? wow.you've been busy, keep it up in no time u'll be posting nursery pics..

  5. I can't wait until you start getting the baby scans.

    Have you signed up for the weekly updates from babycenter.com? The have a ton of resources but some strange affinity to comparing the developing baby size to vegetables.

  6. Actually, I think the baby has your nice pinkish skin tone :o)

    Good idea, babycentre.ca, I'm still on it for Maxime and find good insights.

    Miss you guys and am soooooo excited for you!

  7. Hmmm...definitely Mark's side of the family. :)


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