Jan 30, 2011

W5 Reproductive expose makes infertile couples look like criminals

So I watched this last night after a g/f called me and told me it was going to be broadcast.  Firstly, I hate that people try to have designer babies and these people sicken me.  Secondly, this news story seemed to put a negative twist on egg donation based on bureaucratic laws as decided by ignorant members of Parliament in 2004.  I really feel if a consenting woman chooses to offer up her eggs to an infertile opportunity, whatever the motives, she is still a consenting adult and government should not be the decision maker.   I also wonder why the media wastes time on these kind of stories as there really was not a positive message, more a negative and criminal overtone.  It is a shame that we have to be judged in life based on out infertility and that our actions to create a family can be considered criminal. 
The interview with the 4 time surrogate mom who made light of how she mustered up receipts for payment to cover off the loop hole of commercial surrogacy also made me feel as if she was making a mockery of it.  I am sure she is unaware that her fluffy attitude could easily turn on the parliamentary bells and engage the government in a manner that would not benefit anyone using a surrogate in Canada.  Sadly, this is the reality of the world we live in, where government decides what we can and cannot do to have a family, yet they will sell me alcohol and cigarettes which have possible intent to harm or kill. 



  1. It is indeed sad that some people make it worse for the rest of us.

  2. I watched the show too and couldn't believe they put an obviously mentally ill woman on the show to illustrate, I suppose, one extreme of what can happen with an egg donor's eggs when there isn't tight regulation. I found that horrifying, as well, but regulation is what's warranted - not banning.
    I suppose the Surrogate was also hoping that her participation in the show would highlight the need for regulation and not outright banning of commercial surrogacy.
    We, as Canadians with some interest in this issue, have to hope that shows like this don't lead to complete banning.


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