Feb 8, 2011

Alan update

Everything is going well so far and we are 10 weeks 1 day (ok, in our 11th week).  Next scan our baby will be called a baby as at 10 weeks they switch terminology from embryo to BABY!  All is well with our 31mm (1.22047 inch) growing miracle and surrogate.  It is absolutely amazing that in two weeks our little one has doubled in size, it really is a miracle.
Alan looks to have a large nose in this picture - damn Polish genes!

Our surrogate is doing such a great job keeping our little one safe and healthy.  We hope she feels well and we are so proud of her.  Dr Shivani and team are busy busy these days but always keep up great communication with us (which is so so critical).  Thanks team SCI!


  1. Go Alan Go! Little Baby Alan! Hurray!!!!! Thanks for the update, love it. Take Care and good thoughts and prayers for Baby Alan and your surro.

  2. Hey Alan, that nose looks just cute! You'll grow into it..lol. Great hearing an update i always think of the Olejar's! Glad to hear all is well. Cant wait to see Alan Double in size Aww:)

  3. Alan might end up being an Alan for real. Great old fashion name. One of my best friends in grammar school was Alan. Don't hear it much today. Glad all is well and thanks for the update Kerrie.

  4. Don't worry about the nose. You can't really tell much from those scan pics. Aedan appeared to have a schnoz at one point, but now it is as cute and little as a button.

  5. Alan is baby-shaped! At one point Toby appeared to have a 1950's bouffant hair-do. He was also born with a flat wide honker, and it is little and cute now.

    GO ALAN GO!!!!

  6. I agree with your nose comment hhahahahahahah! It's so nice to see the baby on the scan now! Go Alan Go!


  7. Alan is adorable! I don't know how I missed this post today. What a great feeling you must have inside knowing and realizing that this is truly happening for you. So very happy for the both of you!!


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