Feb 1, 2011

Juhu Beach recap

Our second trip to India in January 2010 was very short, 3 days!  We flew in to sign contracts,  visit the doctors and had a wonderful dinner with Amit and his wife.  This time we stayed at the Sun N Sand in Juhu Beach which we would highly recommend.  Our short recount of this time is live on thenextfamily.com


We have made it to 9 weeks in our pregnancy (now entering our 10th).  Next Monday we will get a new set of scan pics and details.  We have decided to send Sumita a gift, something small to show our immense gratitude.  How can we ever thank this woman, she is an angel.   We are thankful that so far we have a very boring pregnancy!!!


  1. Keep it boring I say.

  2. What will you be sending? I'm looking for ideas to send something to mine as well :)

  3. Congrats on Week 10! Can't wait to see scan pics! :)


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