Feb 14, 2011

Monday ramblings over coffee

Why is it that when an email comes from the clinic in India your heart sinks??  Sheesh, the years of infertility sure do haunt the current pregnancy!!!! I guess we just expect things to go poorly at some time so we wait.  I posted a while back about waiting and I still feel that we continue to wait.  We have about 26 more weeks of waiting, if all goes well and these weeks will surely be full of more heart sinks and sleepless nights.
So we caved to Google Adsense.  It was not added to our blog in haste.   I researched the bejesus out of adding these ads.  We decided why not...try it for a while and see what happens.  We can all use extra cash and why not try to generate it via the web, our personal outlet, our blog.  We feel a bit like we are "selling out" but at the same time hope it generates enough cash for even the smallest baby purchase.
Yesterday we were on our frequent flyer points website store and for the first time in a very long time we were brave enough to click on the menu for "baby furniture and accessories".  It has been many many years since we could do this.  We have points and almost impulse bought some things but the reality is that it is still too soon for us. 
Next week will will have out NT scan and CBC blood work.  We are now entering our twelfth week...yes, 12!  The time does go quickly and we are at ease knowing all is under control on our behalf in Delhi.  We have sent a gift voucher to our surrogate for one of the department stores.  The closest to her is a bit of a hike but we figured she could shop for anything she wants with this voucher (household items, stuff for her kids or herself,  cosmetics etc).  It is just so hard to pick a perfect gift for a woman who is doing  the most monumental thing for you.   We opted to wait to this point in the pregnancy for it all to be a bit more real for all of us. 
Lastly I watched the Dateline episode on Friday night which detailed the mix up of embryos at a clinic in the US.  Quite the story and a real reminder that human error is always possible.     Here is the link of you are interested http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600/ and the story is called Inconceivable.


  1. Love the babystrology beside your posting, Alan is getting so big and looks like a baby now, rather than the tadpole we all initially look like. I dont blame you for the Google Ad stuff, to be honest it really isnt much of a bother and you are right if it allows for a purchase or two, why not?
    Happy you are close to getting through the first Trimester! That is HUGE!
    Love ya

  2. I know we didn't truly believe that our pregancy was for real until they put that (adorable) baby in our arms, and even then it seemed surreal! My mantra was "The vast majority of pregnancies are completely uneventful." Repeat as often as necessary!

  3. I clicked and read on the ads. I like Stephanie's thought above. Almost all pregnancies are delightful and everything is fine. They do so many tests now I am assuming baby Alan is doing well, healthy and has been looked at under a microscope and all the tests were fine. I know how much this baby is wanted and will be loved. I have no doubt he/she was meant to be.

  4. Oh God I went straight to this and watched it. Horrific, but what amazing people.

    YOu have such an incredibly small chance of anything going wrong at this stage, and nothing is going to go wrong. You won't believe it til you have Alan (or Alanetta) in your arms. I remember on the way to the hospital for Toby's birth I called Chai Baby and said, 'Please tell me nothing can go wrong now".

    I have been clicking your ads like crazy. Will have to send you the link for the paid online surveys.

    Meg xxx


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