Feb 21, 2011

Saturday Surprise from SCI (updated)

We sent a gift voucher to our lovely surrogate last week for a department store called Shoppers Stop.  Having been to this store in Mumbai we knew it had a great selection of personal and household items.  We were very fortunate to see pictures of our girl wearing her new luxurious shawls that she treated herself to with the voucher.  It was a really wonderful surprise from SCI to get these surprise pictures.  Not expected at all!!

Obviously to protect her privacy I have cut off her face but left a little bit of her smile as it lit us up and want to share it with everyone!

Our nextfamily update is live!  This weeks entry details our first and second "negatives" and how we turned to red wine to numb the pain.
Here is the link:

Tomorrow is out NT scan..finally, the waiting is a killer!!


  1. What a fantastic idea! She certainly has a glow that can be felt all the way to Canada!

  2. What a beautiful shawl! Looks like she is enjoying wearing it!

  3. Thanks for the photo! Your SM looks so pleased with her gift. SJ xx

  4. Thanks gang. It is so difficult to send gifts. We barely know what this woman likes, so we figured a voucher would allow her to shop for her own likes and needs.


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