Feb 18, 2011

The Secret Society

Our secret society of India surrogacy is exclusive yes, but sadly always open to new members.  No initiation is required!! We really have created a community or society of unique and interesting people, all struggling with infertility and looking for hope in India.   Today I feel sentimental towards you all as I reached out for help "Please click on our google ads on our blog" and the results are showing.   Most of you who visit our blog have clicked on one of the ads during your blog view...thank you!!! 
To support our surrogacy journey on the standard DINK (dual income no kids) lifestyle is not easy.  Those of you who have been through it know the anxiety of the process, both emotional and financial.  Any tidbits help with distraction, like Micah's mom who scrap booked to stay preoccupied during the 9 month wait.  Fortunately we feel very good about our pregnancy, surrogate and clinic choice so there is very little anxiety around this.  Sadly though, it took us two years of trying and that costs us some dough.  I have toyed with the idea of a part time job, but I am exhausted after my 70 hour work weeks from my full time "career" position.  I decided to start the Google Ads as a source of additional income, as small as it will be, it may buy a car seat or something.  Most of us going through this journey do not have any financial help from family and although we are at an age where we are some what settled, the time and investment can be taxing.  This is not a poor poor pity me post, it is just the reality. We are thankful for all we have and look at this as the same investment as buying a BMW with a 5 year payment plan, except no car,  just an opportunity to change our life, have a child and be a family.
ps..we have a professional athlete from Dallas following us now, welcome!!


  1. I am clicking madly.

  2. You're such an important member of the community Kerrie. I'm going to chase your ads now x x

  3. Count me in! I have clicked multiple times as well and will continue to do so! You go girl.


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