Feb 8, 2011

Shipping Embryos/Sperm - update on India entry points

I have seen loads of questions on the forums regarding shipping embryos and the recent taxation at entry point.  Since I have worked with Greg at Core Cryolab numerous times I asked him to give us all a status update.  Here are the words from his email to me:

We are still attempting to resolve the tax issue the Mumbai customs want to apply to shipments. We continue to work closely with the clinic there to get this resolved so we know exactly what the expectation is as well as any associated costs. For the time being we have held off shipping anything into or out of Mumbai until we get this resolved. Fortunately we aren’t experiencing this problem in other areas of the country and continue to ship.

Hopefully this will help clear up any questions.  It is sad but true that Mumbai is the only entry point affected at this time.   I meant to ask Greg about routing through a different city then onward to Mumbai...maybe I can get Greg to comment here for every ones ease.

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  1. Had no idea. How much are they trying to charge for this? Cashing in on desperate people is not right.


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