Mar 9, 2011

Guten Morgan

Great news - our SM is out of hospital and feeling well!  Alan is ok and we are more than pleased that SCI took very good care of both our SM and Alan!!  It is awful to hear that your SM is in hospital, but also very reassuring that SCI takes no chances with our surro's health and pregnancy. 
We can breathe a sigh of releif until next time!


  1. Guten tag! That's great news! See you soon. <3

  2. Great news. Do we know yet if Alan is a boy or a girl?

  3. Wonderful news Kerrie. I'm so glad she is better and all is well with Alan. Love, GeGe

  4. Hello,
    good to read positive stuff on here, good luck!
    I have been also in contact with Dr Shivani regarding ED & IVF hopefully dring May 2011. Just wanted to know if its the usual manner in which Dr Shivani works when she requests a deposit upfront before she puts Ed on protocol for synchronising cycles. I feel a litle scared of transferring money to someone I have never met.
    Plse confirm,
    Thankyou & god luck to you both.

  5. WHEW!!! Great, great news. Now you can enjoy (?) the rest of your trip without stressing about what's happening in India.

    Madgew - we never find out the sex of our baby/ies as it's illegal to do so in India.

    Anonymous - being asked to pay a deposit upfront is standard, even more so when drugs start to be administered as IVF medications can be hideously expensive.

  6. Finally taking the time to catch up on blogs. Weird thing when you catch up after have to read backward to see the evolution of events. Glad all is now well. The team at SCI is so very careful...a blessing.

  7. So glad everything is going well. You deserve every ounce of happiness coming your way xxx


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