Mar 14, 2011

Pregnancy waiting sucks

Next Tuesday we will have our triple marker test and standard ultrasound.   Today we entered our 16th week...holy cripes!! As quickly as these weeks have gone by, we are also just waiting for this to be over.  I guess every one feels the same, we just cannot wait until we are headed back to India to meet our little one.   For now, we will wait for our update next week.  After this we look forward to our 3D scan with all the creepiness that comes with that...honestly, the 3D scan pics are a bit creepy, cannot deny that! 


  1. So exciting and so happy all is going well.

  2. Kerrie,
    i need to tell you that the absolute worse wait are the weeks just before your baby arrives. After all that waiting, you find that there isn't enough time to do anything,
    hang in there,

  3. LMAO - do everything in the world that you love NOW (including bonking your husband) as there will be no time for the next 20 years once Alan arrives. I thought I was time poor before our two arrived, ha! Little did I know. So enjoy it and focus on you. While you still can... (insert evil laugh here).

  4. Just a little bit longer, Kerrie. You've been so patient, you'll be rewarded! Xxx

  5. Wow 16 weeks :)
    I swear the first blog I saw with a 3d scan posted I was like - YOUR BABY IS fckn ORANGE! IS THAT OK?????


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