Mar 17, 2011

Sentimental, emotional

As many of you know we had great difficulty getting a doctor to support us here in Canada.  We were very lucky that TCART was open minded and open hearted enough to help us.  With the support of Dr Casper at TCART and our nurse Tracey all became much easier for us.    Dr Casper is a very well recognized and accomplished physician and we are blessed to work with him.  I feel quite sentimental today as I think it is the first day I am really accepting our pregnancy.  I am so thankful for all the support we have received ( I say "I" but it really is "we", Mark is equally grateful).   We travelled a very long and turbulent journey to get to today.  Last week we received an email from nurse Tracey with kind words and congratulations which really solidified that we are not a number at TCART, they truely care for their patients success.  We are also very grateful for SCI and Dr Shivani.  The SCI team has made the process very easy for us, and for this we feel very fortunate.
As we wait and wait for the days to tick by many thoughts swirl in our brains.  Every day our baby grows is a blessing.  Spring is in the air here, the snow is gone and we will reach double digit temps today - what else could we ask for?!
Below is a link to see our Dr Casper.  Any GTA'ers looking for fertility help should definitely contact TCART.


  1. I am so happy for you. Kudos to everyone involved.

  2. Kerrie,
    I'm emotional right along side you. I never like to wish time by, but I can't wait for your little one to get here. I'm so glad there were docs willing to help, and that you will be a mom before you know it. Love, GeGe

  3. It's all so wonderful, Kerrie and mark. Big hugs to you both. So glad it's becoming more real for u now. X

  4. Keep on thinking positive thoughts; this is really happening! And take care of yourselves so that you are healthy and ready for the sleepless nights :O)

  5. You are totally allowed to be emotional now, when it is becoming a reality! Everyone out in blogland is anxious to meet your baby, but we hope he or she stays put another 150 days or more!

  6. Being a mom is all about emotions. Today is not the only day you'll feel sentimental. It will come and go in waves from here on out.


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