Mar 8, 2011

What a week...

What a week and it is only Tuesday!  I flew to Germany overnight Sunday, landing Monday at lunch time.  Once I got myself checked into the hotel I logged on to personal email to see that our SM is in hospital.  As minor as a bad chest infection is,  it does cause worry when so far away.  Dr Shivani's team has assured us our SM is doing well and not to worry. 

Our blog update went live yesterday.  This week details making arrangements to travel to Delhi for IVF with Dr Shivani.  Here is the link:

Here I am in Weisbaden Germany and if only my Arabic or German were good I could watch some tv!  Only English programming is CNN and BBC.  These are great channels, but not ideal to unwind with after a long day at the office.  Hearing about the Libyian chaos is not a good way to mellow out. 

Lots of births in India over the past week or so - all very exciting!! Congrats to you all!!

Funny - I tried to do a spell check on this blog post but Blogger automatically did spell check in German and apparently every word is spelled incorrectly! 


  1. Safe Travels! Hope you get to come home soon. (BTW, I cant wait to post this in 182+ days from now when you are reading it in India with a little "Alan" in your arms)


  2. Hopefully you find time for a good heffevisen (sp?) or two. Much more helpful with unwinding than CNN!
    We're thinking about your SM and a speedy recovery.

  3. Kerrie, what kind of work to you do? How long are you in Germany? I hope SM gets well very soon. When it isn't you it would be very scary but at least she is getting good hospital care.

  4. Kerrie,
    I pray for your surrogate every day so I'll keep that up for sure. How is you tongue? Love, GeGe


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