Apr 22, 2011

Welcome to Delhi

This weeks entry on thenextfamily.com details my first 24 hours in Delhi, December 2010.  As chaotic as it was, I can laugh about it now!


On the baby front, we are entering week 22!  This Easter weekend feels very different, the best in 15 years.  Although we do not have our little one to enjoy it with, we have hope in India that next Easter will be the BEST ever.

Apr 14, 2011

Lessons on staying calm and rational

Last week I wrote a post about the quietness of our pregnancy and how it was either the calm before the storm, or going to stay uneventful.   Well, it was far from a Tsunami, but more like a blizzard just a day after that post.  We received concerning news about the results of our triple marker screening.  When reading the news of course my heart sunk into my stomach, no one wants to screen positive on ANY of these genetic screenings. I had three seconds of panic, then my past lessons and leanings took over and I started to think rationally.  I know the screening is an equation of sorts something like +pappa+hcg+fE3+AFP+AGE=results.   Knowing that my "advanced" age would drive the weighting in this formula over the top,  we decided to reach out further to Dr Shivani and converse with Dr Casper here.  We knew we would not opt for an amnio - too scary, too risky. Dr Shivani recommended a Level 2 scan preformed by a fetal medicine specialist and we agreed to this.  Dr Casper looked at the results and was not too worried, especially if our NT was normal, which it was.  After a chat with Dr Shivani we felt that the Level 2 scan was best, and obviously non-invasive.   We know the triple marker is a screening tool, and not a diagnostic tool, therefore, next steps are to dive into the least invasive diagnostic option available. 
Yesterday (April 13) we received the results of the Level 2 scan, and fortunately the entire two page report detailed every one of the 104 measurements and markers as NORMAL!  Along with the reports we received 65, yes 65 scan pics!  Most of the scan pics were critical markers and not that exciting for normal parents to be, but for us, they were heaven! We cannot thank Dr Shivani, Dr Vandana and Neha enough!  Dr Shivani stayed ever calm for us, and gave us sound medical advice.  Dr Vandana did our detailed scan and recorded every measurements and commentary and Neha probably spent alot of time putting the scan pics together into a zip file for us (she stayed very late to do this for us based on what time the email came).  It sucks having to go through this, but the SCI team made it as manageable for us as they could.   So, learning's.... stay calm, lean on and take the advice of Dr Shivani, understand your results and how they are calculated.

Apr 12, 2011

Alone in Delhi and more baby pics!

This weeks TNF update details my landing and first 24 hours in Delhi (December 2010). 

As I started this post a couple emails came through from Neha at SCI.  Lots of anatomy scan pics and two not so hot 3D scans - turns our our Alan is camera shy!  The 3D scan will be attempted again to see if Alan behaves and shows his face.  Our heartbeat has slowed to 144bpm (boy!).

Apr 5, 2011

Updates - TNF and other stuff

Our latest installment on thenextfamily.com is live.  This week is a summary of my prep and departure to Delhi last Decemeber.  Here is the link:

All is quiet here on the baby front.  Our boring pregnancy continues, to be boring.  We are not complaining!  The fact that it is so boring means a) we are really having a healthy baby thru a boring pregnancy or b) this is the calm before the storm.    In multiple choice exams I have always been drawn to letter A as an answer, so I hope this test proves A is the best and only possible answer.  Obviously c) all of the above cannot apply here!
Did I mention we entered week 19 of our pregnancy?  Yes, 19 weeks, wow.  It is still very hard to believe!  I plan on outing myself 100% at work after Easter (April 25th).  I have two titles at work and TWO work loads.  I can only imagine how they will fill my position for my one year mat leave!  I am the sucker who continues the immense workload, but replacing me with one person probably will not work.   If all goes as expected, I will plan to be done work for the first week of August. I look forward to a week or so off puttering around before we head back to Delhi. There will be lots to do during my advance time off (like actually getting ready for a baby arrival!). 
I put a poll up a few weeks ago and the results of a mere 15 answers/votes puts us in the 27% bucket. Thanks to all of you who voted, it was a huge help to me!

Things seem quiet on the surrogacy front over the last week or so.  Alot of our long awaited babies have been born and are home now.  Those of us in the waiting game are quiet, not much to say or update.
And onto nonsense............
Charlie Sheen...need I say more? We have been watching his circus for a while now, with mild enjoyment and wonderment. Will his antics all mean something soon or is he putting on the best show ever? Throughout this I feel for his ex-wives and children and think his antics are not #winning him any points with child services or the ex-wives.  
That seems to be it for today.  I am off to a breakfast meeting then a full day of the grind.  This Friday we plan on winning the lottery, 50 million dollars and that's about it for now.