Apr 5, 2011

Updates - TNF and other stuff

Our latest installment on thenextfamily.com is live.  This week is a summary of my prep and departure to Delhi last Decemeber.  Here is the link:

All is quiet here on the baby front.  Our boring pregnancy continues, to be boring.  We are not complaining!  The fact that it is so boring means a) we are really having a healthy baby thru a boring pregnancy or b) this is the calm before the storm.    In multiple choice exams I have always been drawn to letter A as an answer, so I hope this test proves A is the best and only possible answer.  Obviously c) all of the above cannot apply here!
Did I mention we entered week 19 of our pregnancy?  Yes, 19 weeks, wow.  It is still very hard to believe!  I plan on outing myself 100% at work after Easter (April 25th).  I have two titles at work and TWO work loads.  I can only imagine how they will fill my position for my one year mat leave!  I am the sucker who continues the immense workload, but replacing me with one person probably will not work.   If all goes as expected, I will plan to be done work for the first week of August. I look forward to a week or so off puttering around before we head back to Delhi. There will be lots to do during my advance time off (like actually getting ready for a baby arrival!). 
I put a poll up a few weeks ago and the results of a mere 15 answers/votes puts us in the 27% bucket. Thanks to all of you who voted, it was a huge help to me!

Things seem quiet on the surrogacy front over the last week or so.  Alot of our long awaited babies have been born and are home now.  Those of us in the waiting game are quiet, not much to say or update.
And onto nonsense............
Charlie Sheen...need I say more? We have been watching his circus for a while now, with mild enjoyment and wonderment. Will his antics all mean something soon or is he putting on the best show ever? Throughout this I feel for his ex-wives and children and think his antics are not #winning him any points with child services or the ex-wives.  
That seems to be it for today.  I am off to a breakfast meeting then a full day of the grind.  This Friday we plan on winning the lottery, 50 million dollars and that's about it for now.


  1. Good luck with the lottery! A boring pregnancy is a bit hard to get used to after all the drama you've been through, but MUCH better than the alternative! You get a full year paid leave????? Seriously??? I think you've hit the jackpot already!

  2. Almost 1/2 way there!!!! Right behind us. I SO wish I was in Canada for mat leave. BOO HISS on the U.S!

  3. Our leave is not paid in full, it is capped off at 1400/month. It's barely enought to live on in this day and age but better than nothing and certainly better than returning to work right away.

  4. Hope you win the lottery! Wouldnt that be amazing? You are so blessed to be having a uneventful pregnancy. The arrival day will be here before you know it and then time will fly by so quickly you will pick up the same little TH overalls and think - My Gosh, my little Alan fit in these at one point?

    We were going through some things that we had packed when we moved and came across a diaper bag we had used for a while in the beginning. We still had a newborn diaper in it (new and clean)- we looked at it and still cant believe he wore that size at one point.

    It is such a wonderful experience, you know we are over the moon happy for you guys.

    Go Alan! Go Lottery!


  5. Love the updates! I'm soooo happy for you gusy and cant wait to meet Alan!

    Love from Jersey

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences of surrogacy!
    Help us to promote awareness of surrogacy through World Surrogacy Day on 4th November 2011...

  7. Thank you for sharing your experiences of surrogacy!
    Help us to promote awareness of surrogacy through World Surrogacy Day on 4th November 2011...


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