Apr 22, 2011

Welcome to Delhi

This weeks entry on thenextfamily.com details my first 24 hours in Delhi, December 2010.  As chaotic as it was, I can laugh about it now!


On the baby front, we are entering week 22!  This Easter weekend feels very different, the best in 15 years.  Although we do not have our little one to enjoy it with, we have hope in India that next Easter will be the BEST ever.


  1. You have made a mistake that will cost you. Your Dr. is greedy and will hold your baby to ransom,
    welcome to the long long list of people screwed over by Dr. Shivani

  2. I would like to thanks the Anonymous poster from Washington for being such a delight and trying to pollute MY blog with hatred. You have no right to do this, and I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to say such words on MY blog. We all know who you are and wish you could just really enjoy being with your baby. If you really had concern for me you would reach out to me in other ways, so therefore I see this as a feeble minded attack with no worth what so ever.

  3. Oh Kerrie, I am sorry you have to be subjected to this. It is unfair to those of us who open our hearts to tell our stories to be treated like this...and ALWAYS by Anonymous posters!!! Good for you keeping your chin up. :D

    Can you believe we are already in weeks 20 plus???? YAY for us!

  4. Kerrie and mark,
    Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy. Have a great day!
    We were just talking about you yesterday. I was saying I can't wait to meet you and Alan.

  5. Not hard to figure out which of two mongrels wrote that. No point in saying anything, they are is simply out for revenge, for what reason is anyone's guess. Sad, tragic couple, they should marry.

    Yay for 22 weeks!!!!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I just find it awful that some one would try to DESTROY our pregnancy hopes like this, when they obviously struggled to have a family like us.

  7. You guys have been my inspiration for a long time. I have read your blog on and off, different post here and there. But then one day, I come inside from doing yard work sat down to take a short break… and I recall your post “ Rakes are for suckers” Oh yeah I hear you!.. Then to prolong my yard break I went back to day one on your blog and read it word for word. In the end I said well if Kerry and Mark ever get a positive, Then I will start this rollercoaster myself! Now you’re 18 weeks from crossing the finish line and holding your trophy for succeeding in this major marathon! I cant wish you guys enough good wishes,Karma, God bless you, or what ever your choice. You guys deserve it all.

  8. Just block them or take them off. It is your right.Do we know the sex yet? Glad all is doing well.


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