May 31, 2011

We are getting ready to travel and our TNF update

My nextfamily update went live yesterday.  This weeks story details meeting our surrogates.

We are now starting to look for accommodations and flights for our return trip to Delhi.  Those of you who have done this before us know how "up in the air" the dates will be.  We are looking into apartments and hotels to see what the best rates will be.  We expect to be in India for 4- 6 weeks.  One Canadian did it in a record breaking 4 weeks 1 day so we hope to be that lucky!  From what we heard, we are the first Canadians to do the exit process with Dr Shivani and team.  Next week we will contact the consulate to firm up what is needed, just in case there have been any changes.  Our travel agent in searching for cheap flights for us...its high season when we return so we need to secure something now and deal with flight changes when that time comes. 

May 30, 2011

Less than one hundred!

I just looked at our baby ticker and it says 99 days!  OMG!!!  Never mind the 99, minus 21 makes 78 (knowing our baby will more than likely come at 37 weeks)! That's 11.14 weeks to go and it still feels like we just received the phone call from Dr Shivani saying we were pregnant.   I guess we should start organizing a few things, paint the nursery, buy a few things for the baby and try to stay calm.
I am thinking we should take preemie sized clothes with us to India just in case Alan is on the small side, and I wonder if we should take preemie sized bottles (advice would be appreciated).
My mother in law has organized a shower for us which will affectionately be called "My Big Fat European Baby Shower" by me to everyone but her. She has rented a hall with a hot meal and all the fixins'.  My sister is her party planner as well as my g/f Ursula.  I think this is the baby shower or wedding Marks mom never had!  I am very uncomfortable inviting people to a function with the obvious tone of "bring me gifts", but at this point we need as much help as possible so I am trying to cope with the uncomfortable feelings. 
We also have some surrogacy friends in town who had twins with SCI and have been spending some time with them...pure heaven to see these amazingly gorgeous and healthy babies.  I took Marks mom to see them and she was very teary eyed.  On leaving, we sat in the car and Marks mom said "these are the first miracle babies I have ever held".  I think seeing them and the reality of what we are doing hit her like a ton of bricks that day.

May 25, 2011

Everything is ok

Our surrogate Sumita is OK, as is baby Alan!!  What a sigh of relief!  Looks like Alan tested the waters on whether or not he should try to make his appearance now.  Thank goodness Sumita took the right action an notified the hospital and Dr Shivani asap and they were able to convince Alan it is too early.  I hope this is not telling of 1. what the rest of our pregnancy will be like and 2. the temperment of our baby!
Thank you for all you kind words of support!  You guys all rock!

May 24, 2011

The Flu and Delhi Belly

The last week has been a blur.  Mark had the stomach flu and kindly passed it onto me.  I spent Wed-Friday bed ridden except for the multiple emergency trips to the bathroom.  All I can say is the flu is dreadful!  Over the weekend I started to regain some strength and thank goodness it was a long weekend here so I had more than normal recovery time.
A reminder to me of how fortunate I am in life, my nextfamily weekly segment is up today.  This weeks entry is lightly titled "Delhi Belly"

I have hesitated on whether or not to write about this, but have decided to go ahead.  On Monday morning we awoke to news our surrogate is in hospital.  We feel on high alert here and awaiting more news.  The rational side of me says everything will be ok, but the weakened and broken side of me worries that this is an awful turning point.  We know Sumita and Alan are receiving the best of care and absolutely no risks are being taken.  It is very difficult being so far away and waiting on an update.  The information we have is limited based on the situation, so we all wait and watch at this point.  Once we have more news and understanding we will share it. 

May 16, 2011

Pizza Hut in Delhi

Day three in Delhi I saw Amit, Dr Shivani and ate at Pizza Hut, had a scan and no sleep!
Here is the link if your interested to have a read:

On the baby side of our life we have entered week 25! It is getting more and more real for us especially as we think about returning to India to finally meet our little one.  Time is flying! We have been plagued with health issues here and as I write this Mark is laid out in bed as he battles the stomach flu.  This flu is worse than any Delhi Belly he has ever suffered.  All I know is we need to be healthy in 12 weeks or less as our lives will be changed forever!

May 11, 2011

It does not get more REAL than this!

Alan is looking good, well maybe not so good in these creepy 3D pics, but his measurements and stats are good.  Also, our surrogate Sumita looks absolutely AWESOME!  We did not imagine she would have this robust of a baby bump at this point.  She is a tiny woman so it is not a surprise really, but she does look pregnant! Dr Jolly's report noted all is good and both active and passive movements were seen during the scan.  Alan weighs about 1.3lbs and his heartbeat remains at 150 bpm.   In the 3D pics our little Alan looks like an MMA fighter with a bump on his nose!

May 4, 2011

Day two in Delhi

Day two was a much better day for me last December in Delhi....

On the baby front we have no news, which is great, no news is good news.  We will be 24 weeks next week which means we will have our routine scan, urine tests and CBC.  24 weeks means 6 months!  Wow!  We would never have imagined getting to this point, never.  In an attempt to let go of some of the anxiety we ordered a stroller and car seat.  We ordered with our loyalty program points and therefore this cost us zero dollars!  As excited as I am to have ordered it, I dread having it in the house.  We decided to order it now before the merchandise options change on the loyalty program website.   This is a HUGE step for us, huge.  We actually went to Toy R Us to check it our before ordering it and I walked around the store in a state of numb.  It is not easy for us to enter this store, been there done that and ended in disaster in the past.
Some of our readers have asked if we know the sex of the baby yet and I thought I would let you know that we will not know the sex until the baby is born.  Only the sonographer knows at this point (Dr Jolly).  It is not legal to disclose the sex of the baby in India prior to birth, so the surprise will not be unveiled until baby birthday.  We all have to buy baby neutrals on this journey.