May 4, 2011

Day two in Delhi

Day two was a much better day for me last December in Delhi....

On the baby front we have no news, which is great, no news is good news.  We will be 24 weeks next week which means we will have our routine scan, urine tests and CBC.  24 weeks means 6 months!  Wow!  We would never have imagined getting to this point, never.  In an attempt to let go of some of the anxiety we ordered a stroller and car seat.  We ordered with our loyalty program points and therefore this cost us zero dollars!  As excited as I am to have ordered it, I dread having it in the house.  We decided to order it now before the merchandise options change on the loyalty program website.   This is a HUGE step for us, huge.  We actually went to Toy R Us to check it our before ordering it and I walked around the store in a state of numb.  It is not easy for us to enter this store, been there done that and ended in disaster in the past.
Some of our readers have asked if we know the sex of the baby yet and I thought I would let you know that we will not know the sex until the baby is born.  Only the sonographer knows at this point (Dr Jolly).  It is not legal to disclose the sex of the baby in India prior to birth, so the surprise will not be unveiled until baby birthday.  We all have to buy baby neutrals on this journey.


  1. Last weekend, I also got my stroller and car seat too! *high five*

  2. Kerrie and Mark,
    I can understand your hesitance in buying or having baby things in your house, but you are going to continue to have an uneventful pregnancy. I pray for that everyday, and I know my /god is faithful.

  3. I know all will be well. Glad you are enjoying some of the joys of pregnancy. A little shopping is a good thing.

  4. Hi K and M,
    I understand your hesitance. Given our previous loss I refused with our last attempt to even purchase anything until 32 weeks. My friends kept telling me I had better get prepared but it made me feel more comfortable to wait and then WHAM - 2 weeks of shopping and it was done ready for them when they arrived at 34 weeks. Internet shopping is amazing as you can sit in Dehli and have it delivered to your home on the other side of the world :)

    Have everything crossed that it all continues to be uneventful.

  5. It is a HUGE step when you get confident enough to actually buy baby stuff. 24 weeks rocks!

    I bought bits and pieces, but I never believed it would actually happen until I saw the Tobester.

    Even on the way from the hotel to hospital in Delhi, I rang Charliecat in Australia and said, "Please tell me nothing can go wrong now".

    Now I just worry about him full-time!

    You guys are troopers, and while we all deserve babies, you and Mark stand out as the shining lights of persistence!!!!

  6. So great to see you moving along Happy! Did you tell work yet?

  7. Time is going to start speeding up now; enjoy the preparations and let it sink in! You and Mark deserve this happily ever after with your.... dare I say it? I'm betting on a little boy.

  8. Can't wait to play with the little boy!!!


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