May 30, 2011

Less than one hundred!

I just looked at our baby ticker and it says 99 days!  OMG!!!  Never mind the 99, minus 21 makes 78 (knowing our baby will more than likely come at 37 weeks)! That's 11.14 weeks to go and it still feels like we just received the phone call from Dr Shivani saying we were pregnant.   I guess we should start organizing a few things, paint the nursery, buy a few things for the baby and try to stay calm.
I am thinking we should take preemie sized clothes with us to India just in case Alan is on the small side, and I wonder if we should take preemie sized bottles (advice would be appreciated).
My mother in law has organized a shower for us which will affectionately be called "My Big Fat European Baby Shower" by me to everyone but her. She has rented a hall with a hot meal and all the fixins'.  My sister is her party planner as well as my g/f Ursula.  I think this is the baby shower or wedding Marks mom never had!  I am very uncomfortable inviting people to a function with the obvious tone of "bring me gifts", but at this point we need as much help as possible so I am trying to cope with the uncomfortable feelings. 
We also have some surrogacy friends in town who had twins with SCI and have been spending some time with them...pure heaven to see these amazingly gorgeous and healthy babies.  I took Marks mom to see them and she was very teary eyed.  On leaving, we sat in the car and Marks mom said "these are the first miracle babies I have ever held".  I think seeing them and the reality of what we are doing hit her like a ton of bricks that day.


  1. I am so excited. The time is nearing for little Alan or Alana to make his/her debut. Enjoy the shower and all the fixins-you deserve it.

  2. Just got back from Carie-Jo and shawn's. One of the first words out of my mouth were, "Kerrie and Mark's wait is down to double digits. I am so excited, and continue to pray for the rmeainder of the pregnancy, delivery, and safe travel. Love, GeGe

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  4. ( sorry, deleted post as i forgot a few things)
    Here would be our list:

    1. Enough bottles for 24 hours ( 8 - 10,120 ml)
    2. A few wraps
    3. Some favourite grow suits & outfits - you will wear the same ones over and over.
    4. Something to carry formula ( all ready measured and sectioned) for when you are traveling or on the plane, so you can just tip it into the bottle.
    5. a carry cot ( like the green Phil & Ted that we have)
    6. A few bassinet blankets and an insert for the carry cot
    7. A baby thermometer, some good nappy rash cream, burb mats ( too small for bibs)
    8. Microwave sterilizing bags ( good for 20 zaps, for the plane or travel, takes two bottles)
    9. Preemie dummies ( i can recomed one if need be)

    Buy in Delhi

    *The high calorie formula is sooo good and $5 a tin, we still morn the end of the 40 tins :( .
    *Nappies, wipes, baby clothes ( seriously cheap and great quality), baby towels

    Borrow form SCI ( ask Shilpi)

    * baby bath
    * bottle sterilizer

    Kerrie, it your bub is like ours, they will settle and just sleep, eat and burp for the first 6 weeks, enjoy,
    CC & John

  5. Kerrie, I would definitely bring the preemie clothes. I'd forget about the preemie bottles, though. You can measure a small amount of formula in the bigger bottles, and it'd be worse not to have the bigger ones with you :)

    Can't wait to meet your miracle baby!

  6. Let the count down begin!!! Start going to the movies, dinners and any shows!!!! You wont miss them but do it while you can....

  7. Hooray. These last weeks will whizz by, I promise. Enjoy your rest while u can. ;) xxx

  8. Wow! I can't believe it's coming the corner. Very excited for you!

    Also, bring a thermos for when your traveling.
    I used the Moby baby wrap for the twins, but make sure to get a portable bassinet.


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