May 16, 2011

Pizza Hut in Delhi

Day three in Delhi I saw Amit, Dr Shivani and ate at Pizza Hut, had a scan and no sleep!
Here is the link if your interested to have a read:

On the baby side of our life we have entered week 25! It is getting more and more real for us especially as we think about returning to India to finally meet our little one.  Time is flying! We have been plagued with health issues here and as I write this Mark is laid out in bed as he battles the stomach flu.  This flu is worse than any Delhi Belly he has ever suffered.  All I know is we need to be healthy in 12 weeks or less as our lives will be changed forever!


  1. I will certainly pray for good health for you and Mark. Hope you will both be feeling 100% soon.

  2. I hope that Mark gets over his stomach flu. I had a similar thing when in Delhi and cured it by eating bananas and some bean curd and plain yoghurt. A local told us about this cure and it worked so well. Not long to go now. We are very excited for you.

  3. Wow 25 Kerri! We're here cheering for you, hoping for MORE posts ;)
    Did you end up telling work? I'm interested in how all that goes.


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