Jun 29, 2011

The Next Family embraces DC!!!

I was very excited to see Jeff and Kevin DC now writing for thenextfamily.com !  To quote Kevin, these guys are a "fairly stereotypical gay urban couple" but I see them as a strong and determined couple who never gave up on being parents.  Their writing style will suck you in immediately, and if you missed it click here: http://thenextfamily.com/2011/06/meet-jeff-and-kevin-dc-same-sex-parents/
Congrats guys on your website debut!

Jun 28, 2011

The TWW last December

This weeks TNF update - the start of the TWW!  Yikes, it still feels like yesterday
I clearly remember this TWW as it felt extremely different than others.  We had been through so much and this felt like our last attempt and it was scary as hell.

We are currently in week 31 of our pregnancy! Just 9 weeks til 40 weeks, but we are hoping for a 38 week arrival, just in time for when we are in Delhi and caught up on our jet lag. 
Two weeks from this coming Sunday is my BigFatEuropeanShower.  The RSVP list is at 40 people now..yes, 40.  It feels like a small wedding to me.  I am so uncomfortable with the whole "come to my shower and bring gifts" idea.  Everyone keeps telling me to suck it up and enjoy it, so I will try my best.  There are a few kids coming and teenage girls so we are trying to get a Henna artist to come and entertain them. This will be the only Indian flare at the shower so it would be nice. I am pretty much checked out of work, both mentally and emotionally.  I still have my responsibilities to manage but somehow they seem to carry less pressure today compared to last month or the years prior.  The team at the office is super excited for us, and very supportive.

Jun 27, 2011

Work shower!

The girls at work threw me a surprise lunch time shower!  It was such a nice surprise, and they spoiled me rotten!!   The pictures are iPhone pics so no very good...

We received a car seat (huge!!) and lots and lots of blankets , some clothes and toys, a bouncy chair and a cool little tykes play gym.  We got our first hooded towel, so adorable! I feel very fortunate and grateful that the girls did such a nice thing for us.  You cannot see it in the picture, but we were also blessed with baby Jason joining the fun who is just under three months old and as cute as a button. 

Jun 21, 2011

Day after retrieval and a mini update

Mini Update : not much to say...Alan and Sumita are doing fine.  We hope the Delhi heat is not to hard on Sumita.  We are finally comfortable enough to start the nursery!  Bo and Amy bought us a beautiful espresso wood crib (cot) ~ looks so luxurious!  We will paint a gender neutral colour and use some wallpops to decorate (www.wall-pops.com). 
My big fat European shower has been planned by the super think tank of my sister Christine and friend Ursula, the party planners divine!  Our accommodations are booked and now we are just trying to find a flight that won't break our broken bank to much further.
Cynthia at work gave us a gazillions onsies - alot of preemie size as well!  Very generous gift from her, and the outfits are beyond adorable!!!  Thanks Cynthia (you know me....)
Our good friends Gen and Winston came over on the weekend with some beautiful gifts from both Gen's mom and themselves.  We feel quite spoiled!  Gen is about 6 weeks behind us in her own pregnancy so we plan on meeting their new addition shortly after we return from India!

Our thenextfamily.com update is live today which details the day after egg retrieval in Delhi.  This egg retrieval was the easiest one ever!!!


ps: week 30 feels pretty darned good!

Jun 14, 2011

From egg retrieval to 29 weeks.

We have made it to the start of week 29.  This pregnancy has been so surreal for us.  I am not sure if it is because I am not carrying or the years of heartache have caught up with us.  Today's NextFamily post details my egg retrieval in Delhi last December, and when I re-read what I wrote, it felt like yesterday, not almost 7 months ago.


Jun 11, 2011

Quickie update

This morning we received our update from Dr Shivani.   Baby and Surrogate are doing well.   Baby's heart rate is 152bpm.   US pics were mainly head and abdominal circumference so nothing too exciting to share.  We had so hoped for a baby profile pic but not this time.   All is well so we cannot complain a bit!

Tonight we picked up our crib so generously bought for us by our friends Bo and Amy and then had dinner at their house.  They have a 5 year old boy and a 1 and 1/2 old boy who are such a joy to be around. 

Jun 8, 2011

A Very Special Delivery

We have met so many amazing people on this unusual path to having a family.   One of the many special couples in our lives are Amber and Brian from Alaska.   Brian and Amber started out around the same time as us and went through many heartaches both at home prior and while trying in India.  Last year they were finally successful and with much joy welcomed baby Emily into the world.  Amber offered us their Cocoon used for Em in India and kindly sent it to us.  Yesterday it arrived in perfect condition along with a huge pile of baby clothes.   Many thanks to Amber and Brian!!!  Mark and I are so grateful. 

Jun 7, 2011

A Belly Full of Follicles

Our TNF update is live.  This week details the day before egg retrieval in New Delhi last December.

Finally we have an update from Ula and Saul.  Their twins were born at 33 weeks and we never heard anything from them and many of us were very worried.  Their update tells some of the details of their 6 weeks in NICU. I am very happy they are home and healthy!

Jun 6, 2011

Week 28

We are entering week 28.  Who'd of thought we would ever make it to this point!!!  We have booked a place to stay in India and our agent is working on flights.  Even our bank is excited for us, after all the wire transfers the two financial advisers we work with at the bank are counting down our days and also looking at ways to help us financially  - not expected at all! Maybe they are counting down to when they no longer have to do wires for us lol.   We have made contact with a few people who will be at SCI at the same time as us which is really nice.  Our first trip to Mumbai was great as we were able to spend time with other IP's.  It was a real bonding experience and we treasure the friendships with the people we met.
This week is scan week!  We can never let our guard down, but it is very exciting to receive scans and reports saying all is well.  We expect the reports late in the week and will turn blue not breathing until we have read the words "baby is doing well" (from Dr S and Neha).
Some of you may remember lawyer Nicole from the SI forum.  We got together this weekend to see the twins in town.  It is always great to see Nicole who takes such interest in our surrogacy story.  We really enjoyed spending time together with the twins and mommy of course.  The boy twin is mobile and very frustrated when he hits a barrier preventing him from crawling beyond it!  It is really cute to see the two of them and their differences.  The twins and mommy and daddy leave Canada soon so I need to get my snuggle time in before they all leave. 
After this weeks scan we will start the babies room...yay!  We have planned many baby rooms in our day yet none of come to fruition sadly.  Finally it feels like we can actually paint and will soon have a bundle of joy moved in.  Our dear friends from our old neighbourhood have decided to buy us a crib (cot for the Aussies).  We have a crib, purchased a long time ago for our first baby, sadly never used.  We were content to use it, but Amy and Bo said no way, we are buying you a brand new one!  It is amazing the generosity of friends and family! And speaking of generosity, our Alaskan Snowflakes have shipped us their cocoon used for carting around sweet Emily back in November in Hyderabad India.  I cannot wait for this to arrive, especially since Canada Post just went on strike!