Jun 21, 2011

Day after retrieval and a mini update

Mini Update : not much to say...Alan and Sumita are doing fine.  We hope the Delhi heat is not to hard on Sumita.  We are finally comfortable enough to start the nursery!  Bo and Amy bought us a beautiful espresso wood crib (cot) ~ looks so luxurious!  We will paint a gender neutral colour and use some wallpops to decorate (www.wall-pops.com). 
My big fat European shower has been planned by the super think tank of my sister Christine and friend Ursula, the party planners divine!  Our accommodations are booked and now we are just trying to find a flight that won't break our broken bank to much further.
Cynthia at work gave us a gazillions onsies - alot of preemie size as well!  Very generous gift from her, and the outfits are beyond adorable!!!  Thanks Cynthia (you know me....)
Our good friends Gen and Winston came over on the weekend with some beautiful gifts from both Gen's mom and themselves.  We feel quite spoiled!  Gen is about 6 weeks behind us in her own pregnancy so we plan on meeting their new addition shortly after we return from India!

Our thenextfamily.com update is live today which details the day after egg retrieval in Delhi.  This egg retrieval was the easiest one ever!!!


ps: week 30 feels pretty darned good!


  1. 30 weeks is wonderful! Enjoy the nursery set up.

  2. Enjoy every minute of this time, especially when you are queen for the day at the shower. Once your baby is here, you will never get this much attention again. I'm sure your won't complain about that however. :)

  3. You DESERVE to be spoiled! So, so, so exciting!!!

  4. Super Super excited, which theme did you pick for the wall decal?? Cant wait to see pics!!

    ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!! u derserve it :)

  5. So excited about the nursery! And if I do say so myself, the "Big Fat European Shower" is going to be THE party of the season! :-D

    Speaking of the shower...for anyone who has asked whether Kerrie and Mark are registered anywhere, feel free to email me at kerries.sister@gmail.com, and I will give you their registry details.

    We are also putting together a little surprise for them and would love to involve all of their wonderful friends in the surrogacy community (can't give out the details here but it would just involve a few minutes of your time via email, no money)...so if you're interested in knowing more, please email me and I'll share the details with you. Thanks!

    Christine (Kerrie's sister)

  6. Congratulations! Wonderful news for your family.


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