Jun 14, 2011

From egg retrieval to 29 weeks.

We have made it to the start of week 29.  This pregnancy has been so surreal for us.  I am not sure if it is because I am not carrying or the years of heartache have caught up with us.  Today's NextFamily post details my egg retrieval in Delhi last December, and when I re-read what I wrote, it felt like yesterday, not almost 7 months ago.



  1. So exciting in all ways. Can't wait for Alan/Alana.

  2. I love seeing the clicker go down every day.

  3. Wow!! 29wks- That seems to have gone quickly..but Im sure NOT for you guys ;) All the best xx

  4. Kerrie,
    I just popped over here from 'the next family' site and it took me a minute to clue in that the other posts are behind.
    So OMG you are having a baby! I'm thrilled for you and Mark.

  5. Getting past 28 is HUGE, right?
    Do I need to start a write in campaign to get you two to link to baby registries? Because that's cool, I will :)

  6. Time will fly now! Glad I didn't miss too much while on my sabbatical from my blog. Best wishes!


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