Jun 28, 2011

The TWW last December

This weeks TNF update - the start of the TWW!  Yikes, it still feels like yesterday
I clearly remember this TWW as it felt extremely different than others.  We had been through so much and this felt like our last attempt and it was scary as hell.

We are currently in week 31 of our pregnancy! Just 9 weeks til 40 weeks, but we are hoping for a 38 week arrival, just in time for when we are in Delhi and caught up on our jet lag. 
Two weeks from this coming Sunday is my BigFatEuropeanShower.  The RSVP list is at 40 people now..yes, 40.  It feels like a small wedding to me.  I am so uncomfortable with the whole "come to my shower and bring gifts" idea.  Everyone keeps telling me to suck it up and enjoy it, so I will try my best.  There are a few kids coming and teenage girls so we are trying to get a Henna artist to come and entertain them. This will be the only Indian flare at the shower so it would be nice. I am pretty much checked out of work, both mentally and emotionally.  I still have my responsibilities to manage but somehow they seem to carry less pressure today compared to last month or the years prior.  The team at the office is super excited for us, and very supportive.


  1. I am so excited. Can't wait for the joy of that first cry.

  2. Kerrie,
    Did I remember from an earlier post that you are taking a year off from work?


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