Jun 8, 2011

A Very Special Delivery

We have met so many amazing people on this unusual path to having a family.   One of the many special couples in our lives are Amber and Brian from Alaska.   Brian and Amber started out around the same time as us and went through many heartaches both at home prior and while trying in India.  Last year they were finally successful and with much joy welcomed baby Emily into the world.  Amber offered us their Cocoon used for Em in India and kindly sent it to us.  Yesterday it arrived in perfect condition along with a huge pile of baby clothes.   Many thanks to Amber and Brian!!!  Mark and I are so grateful. 


  1. OMG!! That's so GREAT. we are all truly blessed to have such a great surro family among us. Cant wait to see ALAN in those close & cocoon!!!!

    Amber & Brian u guys are awesome....Mark & Kerrie u guys truly deserve it..ENJOY!!

    Love the post as always!!

  2. I meant clothes, LMAO!!! (see what happens before coffee, hehe)

  3. This is the most amazing community! Each of us is so blessed to have such support.

    Mark and Kerry you share so much positive words with each of us I could not imagine anyone more deserving!

    I can not wait for your baby to be in your arms.

  4. Very exciting. It is getting closer I can almost hear the cry of the new birth.

  5. Here's a tip! (Learned through painful experience) If you're getting on an escalator and one of you is carrying a baby and the other is carrying lots of luggage, make sure the person carrying the baby is ALWAYS UPHILL of the person carrying all the other baggage... Brian

  6. Kerrie, you gave me a small heart attack with that heading. I thought for a second that baby Alan had come out! Thank goodness it was a lovely thoughtful delivery and not Alan just yet.


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