Jun 6, 2011

Week 28

We are entering week 28.  Who'd of thought we would ever make it to this point!!!  We have booked a place to stay in India and our agent is working on flights.  Even our bank is excited for us, after all the wire transfers the two financial advisers we work with at the bank are counting down our days and also looking at ways to help us financially  - not expected at all! Maybe they are counting down to when they no longer have to do wires for us lol.   We have made contact with a few people who will be at SCI at the same time as us which is really nice.  Our first trip to Mumbai was great as we were able to spend time with other IP's.  It was a real bonding experience and we treasure the friendships with the people we met.
This week is scan week!  We can never let our guard down, but it is very exciting to receive scans and reports saying all is well.  We expect the reports late in the week and will turn blue not breathing until we have read the words "baby is doing well" (from Dr S and Neha).
Some of you may remember lawyer Nicole from the SI forum.  We got together this weekend to see the twins in town.  It is always great to see Nicole who takes such interest in our surrogacy story.  We really enjoyed spending time together with the twins and mommy of course.  The boy twin is mobile and very frustrated when he hits a barrier preventing him from crawling beyond it!  It is really cute to see the two of them and their differences.  The twins and mommy and daddy leave Canada soon so I need to get my snuggle time in before they all leave. 
After this weeks scan we will start the babies room...yay!  We have planned many baby rooms in our day yet none of come to fruition sadly.  Finally it feels like we can actually paint and will soon have a bundle of joy moved in.  Our dear friends from our old neighbourhood have decided to buy us a crib (cot for the Aussies).  We have a crib, purchased a long time ago for our first baby, sadly never used.  We were content to use it, but Amy and Bo said no way, we are buying you a brand new one!  It is amazing the generosity of friends and family! And speaking of generosity, our Alaskan Snowflakes have shipped us their cocoon used for carting around sweet Emily back in November in Hyderabad India.  I cannot wait for this to arrive, especially since Canada Post just went on strike!


  1. Thats great news! Scans are always a joy to receive and looking forward to seeing your new pics! We are in week 33 now, and can't believe how quickly it's all gone....although were a few weeks ahead of you, you'll probably be in and out before us!!! we don't leave until at least September 20th!!! Well not long now and it would be great to meet you both in a hot and sticky Delhi! xx

  2. This is so exciting. Baby Alan is well on his way now. I am sure the scan is fine. But I can understand your anxiety. This baby will be the baby heard round the world when he/she makes his or her appearance. Can't wait.

  3. I'm Super excited!!!cant wait to read and see details on the baby room!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the scan. I continue to pray for you everyday and still cry over every post. Can't imagine what I'll be like when I meet you and Alan face to face. Love, GeGe

  5. wow 28 weeks !!! awesome news the next 6 to 8 weeks is going to go so fast. We r so excited for you.

  6. Great News...So excited for you guys. Cant wait for more update...:)


  7. 28 weeks is wonderful! We can't wait to hear how the scan goes!

  8. I am so excited for you guys. Every day I log on and read everyone’s blog But yours just makes me smile when I see that baby tickers days goes down and today.. 91 days to go WooHoo!

  9. I am just going over the blogs and OMG, you are expecting. Sorry, I was a long time away from the blogland. I still have more catching up to do but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Your life is now changed forever!!!
    Can't wait for you to finally become parents.



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