Jul 31, 2011

The Room!

After a long hard week, losing our pup, we are pleased with the results of my teary eyed finishing work on the baby's room.    Our one cat loves the area rug in the nursery and spends alot of time guarding the crib!

These wall skickers were one dollar!!!  Cheap, cheerful, colourful and really sweet! 

Notice the Ganesh picture hanging above the cabinet?  Want one, click here..clickclick

More one dollar wall stickers - very cute!

Jul 27, 2011

Peeky the dog.

We lost our little Peeky yesterday and today I awoke in sadness.  He was my baby boy and he really filled a void in my heart for the last 8 years.  Peek was in a foster home through www.ccrt.netHe was a little, aggressive, bald Chihuahua, age unknown.  We drove almost two hours to meet him at his foster home, and despite the fact that he completely ignored us on our visit, I was in love.   I emailed CCRT the next day to proceed with the adoption.  They came and did a home visit to ensure he was being placed into a good home.  Within a few days, his foster parents drove him to our home.  When they left that evening Peeky sat in his bed and tears rolled down his face.  It just broke my heart how sad he was at that time.   Later in the evening I decided to have some toast and asked Peeky if he would like some.  He did, and it was this toast that brought his heart over to me.  He bonded to me like glue.  We had a very special relationship and sadly, his health had gotten the best of him over the last few years.  He had 6 surgeries on his bladder, four rotten tooth extractions and the dreaded MRSA infection that took over his whole body and nothing would cure it.
I am extremely sad today, having lost my little boy.  Rest in peace Peeky.

Jul 25, 2011

TNF Update

...Just at the end of the first trimester...the drama unfolds in my work life!

Current day all is quiet on the baby side, and we will take it!!!
On the weekend (well Saturday morning) we built a privacy fence off our deck, just in time to entertain some friends for a BBQ.  Our deck is ancient, more than likely built in the 1970's , and since money is tight we have opted to refurb it a bit

(still needs a coat of paint)

Our friends brought us two adorable gifts for baby Alan. A pair of camoshoes..too cute and a gorgeous swaddle.

Jul 22, 2011

48 Celcius!

We feel prepped now for India as yesterday the temperature here hit 48 Celsius/118 Fahrenheit! It was a sickening humid heat with the dreadful stillness of the air that can make you go mad.  Since the weather was so hot, I have decided to take the advice of Rebecca and buy some Muslin swaddle blankets for India. Aden+anais makes them and they don't come cheap, but just the fact that the fabric will be cooler and more comfortable for Alan is worth it.  I am headed here this morning to pick them up and hope they are not out of stock.
Two nights ago I awoke in a panic - my dream felt real and I was having a hard time figuring out if this had happened or not....Dr Shivani called to say our surrogate went into labour at ten (not sure if it was am or pm) and that we better get our butts to Delhi.  In my dream I could not clear my throat, and I was speaking like those annoying people who constantly need to clear their throats.  When I woke up I was in a panic, and needed time to figure out if this was real or not.  Fortunately (I think) this was a dream!  I guess dreams are telling of our current fears.
The same night as the dream we had put together our swing for baby Alan.  It's a pretty cool one that the seat is removable and doubles as a bouncy chair.  The swing itself does not use batteries as it has a standard electrical plug.  I keep looking at all this baby stuff thinking about what a short time we will use it for.  Back in the day we didn't have swings and bouncy chairs, and unsafe cribs were all we needed!

Jul 19, 2011

The Pregnancy Theme

Seems we have a pregnancy theme... "guardedly optimistic".   This weeks TNF story details the reality of this as we go through the first trimester.

Your support and comments here and on thenextfamily.com are always so appreciated!

Well, we are in our 40's - less than 50 days to go should all go as planned (which it won't) so it is more realisticly like 25 days!  We have aligned with a lawyer now in India to assist with the exit process should we require it.  We pretty much have baby's room ready (a very low key room) and are starting to organize the final packing checklists.  We received so many useful things at the shower on the weekend that it is now really hard to choose what to take to India and what to leave home - some things are just so cute that I am torn!!
Congratulations to Adam and Michael on the birth of baby Beau!  He looks absolutely perfect in every way and we cannot wait to meet him (but not too soon)!!!
We also heard of a loss in DC.  I was saddened to read this news and no words can mend Kevin and Jeff's broken hearts.  I know from personal experiences only time heals you.  And booze...
Not long now until we leave for India and then the true chaos will begin! We have heard from Nilesh my friend and he is waiting for our arrival, as is Rahul who chats on google chat with us.  We sometimes sit and look at each other in complete and utter awe of where we are now, and how climatic it is getting.  The air around us is very exciting now yet we are still very numb to the actual baby side of it.  We are going through the motions...packing, worrying etc, yet it does not feel real, it does not feel like we will soon be mommy and daddy.  I think like many of you, until we are holding Alan the reality of this will not truely hit us.  It was a two years ago that we were in Mumbai meeting baby Bella and now when we look at her she is such a big girl, a true beauty and a miracle.  At that time we were dealing with the devastation of losing our embryos, but this all seems a distant memory to us now as we countdown to the final chapter.

Jul 18, 2011


Big Fat European Shower...can I just say "holy smokes"!  Almost 50 women gathered to celebrate Alan's upcoming arrival.  It was unbelievable! 
The girls made a diaper cake which was adorable!

A g/f made the cutest cake...

We were SPOILED with gifts.....some came from great surrogacy friends around the world (huge thanks!!!)
We had a large matted picture frame with two ultrasound pictures in it for the guests to sign.  A really nice keepsake!

And of course, a Henna artist!

The little girls all got their names on their hands - most of it had rubbed off onto their clothes within an hour, so cute. I am sure the moms are not too happy with the henna stains on their little dresses.

I opted to have some Hindi script

Any guesses what it says?

And what shower is not complete with the expectant mom having a glass of wine and a good laugh with her sister?

Special thanks to my sister Christine and my g/f Ursula for all your efforts in decorating, planning the games, keeping it organized (well amongst the chaos of 50 women) and all in all generally supporting us like crazy! We love you both!!!

Jul 11, 2011

Alan update Jul 11

Alan's heart rate is 152bpm and weighs about 4.3lbs (give or take .77 lb).   His/her head measurements continue to stay on track for..how do I put this lightly - to not have the largish Eastern European head (Mark may kill me, so if you do not hear from me again, you will know why :))
We got a decent 3D shot where baby Alan looks a tad grumpy, or maybe sleepy...

All is going well so we cannot complain!  People say Alan looks like a boy, but we will truly not know until birth.
We started packing on the weekend, and putting all these tiny clothes, bottle, bibs and blankets into a suitcase became somewhat overwhelming, in a good way.  Finally, we are so so close!!!  We are officially in the 50's , translated into week 33!  wild!

On the weekend we went to the water front and enjoyed a family of Canada geese.  The babies were busy busy eating grass as mom and dad stood close by on guard .

And last but not least, my Big Fat European Shower is on the weekend.  We have a great hot meal being served, wine, a special cake, a Mendi artist and a pretty cool shower favour.  Will definitely post pics afterwards!

Jul 9, 2011

Prison Bird

Today's TNF update details a bit of our TWW and Christmas.   As I re-read what I wrote I chuckled about our Christmas Bird.  The story is called "Lucky Utility Bird"

Here is the link:   http://thenextfamily.com/topics/family/surrogacy-family/kerrie-olejarz/

Jul 6, 2011

32 weeks already!?

We are in week 32 now, wow.  Not alot going on with the baby, all is quiet and we like that!  We have been super busy over the last 6 days.  We had a four day weekend which we used to do the babies room and resurface our deck outside.  The last couple of nights we had some social engagements to attend as well as tonight.  Nik: we will call you soon - sorry, been out every night! 
My Big Fat European shower is set, menu selected and thank you cards ordered.  A little overwhelming it is...it's an extravaganza beyond what I imagined a baby shower would be.
Next week we get our baby update, which we are really looking forward to.  It's been 4 weeks since our last update but feels more like 4 months.
Mark's birthday is tomorrow so we will hopefully have a nice big boy celebration for that and enjoy his last birthday before he becomes "daddy". 
Work is winding down for me as I have transitioned my tasks to two other people.  It is very odd to be in the office at an extremely low work load and slow pace!  I am used to hustling all day, and working nights and weekends to keep up!  Isn't it funny that it takes TWO people to replace me :)
One of our cats is not doing well.  The suspicion is a brain tumor.  The poor old gal looks well, just has lost all sense of balance.  It is awful to see her do a mad cow dive mid stride.  For now, she seems ok and the falls are not hurting her, but we will see how the next few weeks play out.

Jul 2, 2011

The 60's!

We are in the 60's - 66 days left to be exact!  Yikes, entering 32 weeks and panic starts to set in. We have waited so long to be here and now it feels so surreal and a bit overwhelming.  Those of you whom have hit this point before us know the feeling for sure.   We will be back in Delhi in six weeks..gulp! 

Yesterday we painted the baby's room and built the crib.  It was awkward for us, as we have never really been able to successfully plan and create a nursery.  This picture shows the crib that Bo and Amy bought for us - turns out it is HUGE when built in our house - did not look so big in the warehouse sized showroom!  It is difficult to see but we painted the walls a light silver colour.  The sun was pouring in when Mark snapped this pic and it looks like we tried to make the walls look like clouds.  We have a mattress on our registry, so if we do not get it as a gift we will pop over and buy it before we head to India.

This week our last stage installment is due, and again, I feel like a broken record but we never thought we would get to this point.  It is amazing to get the email from the accountant reminding us of our payment due - never thought I would be so happy to get invoices every 8 weeks!

My Big Fat European shower is in a few weeks.  Looks like we will have about 40-50 women attending which is huge!  We also have a henna artist coming to add a touch of India.  I cannot wait to see all the older gals reaction to this!