Jul 6, 2011

32 weeks already!?

We are in week 32 now, wow.  Not alot going on with the baby, all is quiet and we like that!  We have been super busy over the last 6 days.  We had a four day weekend which we used to do the babies room and resurface our deck outside.  The last couple of nights we had some social engagements to attend as well as tonight.  Nik: we will call you soon - sorry, been out every night! 
My Big Fat European shower is set, menu selected and thank you cards ordered.  A little overwhelming it is...it's an extravaganza beyond what I imagined a baby shower would be.
Next week we get our baby update, which we are really looking forward to.  It's been 4 weeks since our last update but feels more like 4 months.
Mark's birthday is tomorrow so we will hopefully have a nice big boy celebration for that and enjoy his last birthday before he becomes "daddy". 
Work is winding down for me as I have transitioned my tasks to two other people.  It is very odd to be in the office at an extremely low work load and slow pace!  I am used to hustling all day, and working nights and weekends to keep up!  Isn't it funny that it takes TWO people to replace me :)
One of our cats is not doing well.  The suspicion is a brain tumor.  The poor old gal looks well, just has lost all sense of balance.  It is awful to see her do a mad cow dive mid stride.  For now, she seems ok and the falls are not hurting her, but we will see how the next few weeks play out.


  1. 32 weeks! Fantastic. Going to be a busy month for you!
    Hope your kitty feels better.

  2. 32 Weeks! Wonderful! Just Wonderful!

  3. WOW so glad you got to 32 weeks. It is all good from here. Do they give you updates as to other things in the 4 weeks? That would drive me nuts. Does the surrogate come into the city and stay somewhere in the last 8 weeks as baby Alan/Alana could come any time now?

  4. Happy Birthday Mark. Wow only 8 weeks to go.. MAX! Hope you have you're bags packed.

  5. Counting down every day with you. So exciting. Happy Birhtday Mark!

  6. That's wonderful not long now. Looking forward to baby shower pics.

  7. So excited for you guys. Its gonna come quick. Don't forget to pack newborn diapers. Hard to find in India

  8. Just wanted to double check you got our email (michaelallton@hotmail.co.uk) and hopefully we'll see you in Delhi soon! We arrive on Tuesday, starting to panic a bit now only thinking about how much documentation/legal stuff we need and not forgetting anything!!! Can't wait for the birth of course, it's the red tape thats stressing us out! Hope Mark had a great birthday, and hope your cat is ok. So sad to see pets ill, dreading leaving our dogs for 10-12 weeks as they are our first 2 babies x

  9. Happy belated B-Day Mark! Cannot believe we forgot about it....sorry! Must be my baby brain hahahha!

    The Ebreo xxx


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