Jul 22, 2011

48 Celcius!

We feel prepped now for India as yesterday the temperature here hit 48 Celsius/118 Fahrenheit! It was a sickening humid heat with the dreadful stillness of the air that can make you go mad.  Since the weather was so hot, I have decided to take the advice of Rebecca and buy some Muslin swaddle blankets for India. Aden+anais makes them and they don't come cheap, but just the fact that the fabric will be cooler and more comfortable for Alan is worth it.  I am headed here this morning to pick them up and hope they are not out of stock.
Two nights ago I awoke in a panic - my dream felt real and I was having a hard time figuring out if this had happened or not....Dr Shivani called to say our surrogate went into labour at ten (not sure if it was am or pm) and that we better get our butts to Delhi.  In my dream I could not clear my throat, and I was speaking like those annoying people who constantly need to clear their throats.  When I woke up I was in a panic, and needed time to figure out if this was real or not.  Fortunately (I think) this was a dream!  I guess dreams are telling of our current fears.
The same night as the dream we had put together our swing for baby Alan.  It's a pretty cool one that the seat is removable and doubles as a bouncy chair.  The swing itself does not use batteries as it has a standard electrical plug.  I keep looking at all this baby stuff thinking about what a short time we will use it for.  Back in the day we didn't have swings and bouncy chairs, and unsafe cribs were all we needed!


  1. Oh Kerrie! dreams are so scary escpecially when you cant make them out...it is SOOOOO HOTT here to we hit 115 degrees F, the air is so thick and humid you can cut it with a knife. It has been making me go mad, LOL. Enjoy shopping and assembling things its part of parenthood, even tripping over that cord a few times is the initiation part, lol. Take care loving the updates and shower pics!!

  2. Glad it was just a dream. The timing will go perfectly I know.

  3. Aden+Anais blankets were my first purchase! I got the diwali style...I couldn't resist once I saw them.

    Oh, the dreams. I keep having having vivid dreams that Dr. Shivani tells me the whole thing isn't real. And then I wake-up, check my email first thing, and thankfully realize this is happening!

    You will be in India in no time holding Alan!!

  4. That is ridiculously hot - you guys sure do have extreme weather changes!

    And yep, all of that baby gear has an incredibly short life span. Unless you have number two... So don't spend much as you'll be moving it all on (and unpacking the next load) before you know it.

    Hope your next baby delivery dream is the real thing. Alex and Tajy are still happy to share their birthday with Alan, so 27 days to go. Wonder if he/she is going to hold on for that long?? Regardless, so exciting. And nearly time to go!

  5. That is revolting weather. We get it in Brisbane and call it Fat air, I don't miss that. And you get snow as well, very extreme! I had a dream at 18 weeks I was carrying baby and I had a miscarriage, I was so freaked I asked Dr Shivani get me an ultrasound to make sure baby was okay,. he was. Not long now : ))

    Meg and Tobes xxx


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