Jul 19, 2011

The Pregnancy Theme

Seems we have a pregnancy theme... "guardedly optimistic".   This weeks TNF story details the reality of this as we go through the first trimester.

Your support and comments here and on thenextfamily.com are always so appreciated!

Well, we are in our 40's - less than 50 days to go should all go as planned (which it won't) so it is more realisticly like 25 days!  We have aligned with a lawyer now in India to assist with the exit process should we require it.  We pretty much have baby's room ready (a very low key room) and are starting to organize the final packing checklists.  We received so many useful things at the shower on the weekend that it is now really hard to choose what to take to India and what to leave home - some things are just so cute that I am torn!!
Congratulations to Adam and Michael on the birth of baby Beau!  He looks absolutely perfect in every way and we cannot wait to meet him (but not too soon)!!!
We also heard of a loss in DC.  I was saddened to read this news and no words can mend Kevin and Jeff's broken hearts.  I know from personal experiences only time heals you.  And booze...
Not long now until we leave for India and then the true chaos will begin! We have heard from Nilesh my friend and he is waiting for our arrival, as is Rahul who chats on google chat with us.  We sometimes sit and look at each other in complete and utter awe of where we are now, and how climatic it is getting.  The air around us is very exciting now yet we are still very numb to the actual baby side of it.  We are going through the motions...packing, worrying etc, yet it does not feel real, it does not feel like we will soon be mommy and daddy.  I think like many of you, until we are holding Alan the reality of this will not truely hit us.  It was a two years ago that we were in Mumbai meeting baby Bella and now when we look at her she is such a big girl, a true beauty and a miracle.  At that time we were dealing with the devastation of losing our embryos, but this all seems a distant memory to us now as we countdown to the final chapter.


  1. My sweet Kerrie,
    You and Mark are going to be parents. The rest of the pregnancy, and delivery will give you the desire of your heart. I have scabs on my knees for all the time I've spent in prayer to the Lord for just that. Hang in there. It won't be long now.

  2. Kerrie, all is going well and chaos or not you will have a gorgeous baby. I am still convinced Alan is Alana. Can't wait until the baby is here and you are holding him/her in your arms.

  3. I can't wait to hear that Alan has arrived! My children are obsessed with yelling out "Alan, Alan, Alan, Steve, Steve" and I think of you every time. I know the feeling of it not feeling real until you hold your baby. It seems like forever ago that we were sitting in Delhi hoping you would get pregnant and it worked!

  4. For two years, we've been waiting to introduce Bella to Alan. We can't wait for that day to come, and to have the opportunity to watch him/her grow up. I'm so excited we only have 50 days to go!

  5. We've been waiting two years to introduce Bella to Alan and can't believe you only have 50 days to go.

    And it'll feel real when you hold him/her...and even more real when you change a diaper...get spit-up on...are exhausted...don't know what to do to stop the crying...and are loving every minute of it.

  6. Good times are imminent! Enjoy the anticipation and see as many movies and go on as many date nights as possible in the next few weeks!!

  7. I am so excited for you! Enjoy the final preparations before heading off to India!


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