Jul 25, 2011

TNF Update

...Just at the end of the first trimester...the drama unfolds in my work life!

Current day all is quiet on the baby side, and we will take it!!!
On the weekend (well Saturday morning) we built a privacy fence off our deck, just in time to entertain some friends for a BBQ.  Our deck is ancient, more than likely built in the 1970's , and since money is tight we have opted to refurb it a bit

(still needs a coat of paint)

Our friends brought us two adorable gifts for baby Alan. A pair of camoshoes..too cute and a gorgeous swaddle.


  1. Hi Kerrie,

    Glad to hear that everything is quiet with Alan! I am curious, how did you arrange to get the gift certificate for Sumita? Thanks! Stacey

  2. It seems that everyone thinks it is a boy. I think girl unless you know something you are not telling. I thought India doesn't tel you the sex. So glad everything is going well and baby time is almost here.

  3. Hey Madge, we have no clue!! It is not legal to know the sex. It sure does seems everyone is leaning towards a boy, but only time will tell.


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