Aug 23, 2011

Day 12 in India

Today was a dead quiet day for us!  We ended up totally flaking out at home today with Cailyn.   India Luxury Homes staff have been so great to us.  They were all very concerned about "baby", including the security guard out front.  When I was coming back and forth from the hospital Hariz would offer me coffee as I walked sweet, taking care of me. 
We have our DNA test booked for Thursday!  This should be fun as none of us can have anything to eat or drink one hour prior...could lead to a really cranky baby.  We will have to adjust her feeds a bit Thursday to prevent a melt down! 
Cailyn looks awesome in pink
Thanks Amber and Brian for the pretty girl clothes!

Since it is so stinking hot here we definitely need the A/C on.  It is a bit too cold for Cailyn but we are fortunate to have a second small room with closet space in it which just so happens to have a cozy space for her bassinet (cocoon) and all her clothes.  This extra room is nice and warm for her and she seems to be very content in there for sleeping. 

Looks a mess but really isn't.  Thanks Amber and Brian for the cocoon!

Tomorrow Cailyn will be one week old, hard to believe how quickly time flies!  For her one week b-day we are back at the hospital for a follow up visit then have decided to hit up Select City Walk mall to enjoy the air conditioning, have lunch and stretch our legs a bit after a lethargic day at home today!
For those who do not know it is a very large western style mall with loads of nice shops, but a bit pricey.  I guess we are starting a bad habit of shopping sprees on her birthday!


  1. I can't wait to tell my niece that she spent the first few weeks of her life sleeping in a closet! At least it isn't a dresser drawer like on Seinfeld. :D

    She looks so content!

    Auntie Christine

  2. She looks great in pink! And she looks very healthy!

  3. There is hope yet - don't put shoes in her cupboard too or she'll be blaming you for another addiction later in life. Enjoy the shopping!

  4. The time flies when you are having fun. Cailyn is adorable.

  5. Tell your sis a few weeks in the closet is no biggie. I spent 24 years there and mine wasn't warm and cozy :-D heehee

  6. K and M, it is just amazing . Thank God the Universe and whatever for the miracle of Caitlyn

  7. We hope to be in a similar situation to yourselves in the future!. What a beautiful little girl you have.


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