Aug 13, 2011

Delhi Day 3

Sleep - who needs it?!  We awoke at 3am....hmm...what to do.  Had coffee, watched Friends, had another coffee watched The Big Bang Theory.  Time moves very slowly when waiting for a baby to arrive! 
We had breakfast around 8:30, hard boiled eggs (cooked to perfection by Hariz) toast and coffee.  It was stinking humid and hot here today, no rain at all to cool things down so we decided to chill all day.  Rajesh hooked us up with a cell phone so tomorrow we can load it up with some money and be mobile and ready for the BABY call!  Since it is so hot it is hard to eat, or even think about food.  We ended up ordering Pizza Hut pasta and had it delivered around 5pm.  It hit the spot but made me super sleepy - carb over load.  Later in the evening we headed out for a walk.  The city is on a security alert with this being the Independence Day holiday weekend.  Rajesh has warned us to stay away from the malls and bigger markets until after the 15th due to the unknown of the chaos and unpredictable radical behaviour.  When we went to M Block tonight the security was high, Delhi police were checking every car that entered at every gate.  We just walked around a bit to kill time and burn off some of the pasta, but this was all negated when we hit MOD:

Our room is really nice but a bit small for our upcoming addition so Rajesh had mentioned he would move us to a bigger room in a few days time.  Here is room #1  - closet

Room #1 bed and desk area

Room #1 bathroom

Room # 2 bed area (HUGE)

 Room # 2 - walk in closet - so much storage!!

Room #2 TV and desk area (tonnes of space)

We feel very lucky that Rajesh understands why we are here and is doing everything he can to make us comfortable.  He told us to please feel at home, use the kitchen when we want etc.  India Luxury Homes is awesome!
Many of you know Toban from North Star blog recently had a baby boy in Mumbai - well, he made the headlines , have a read , I am sure he would appreciate all our comments on the Parentcentral website!


  1. I am so excited. I assume you can't use the water here for anything but showering. Place looks amazingly clean and neat and ready.

  2. We are thinking of you! and so very excited!. Not long at all now.....

  3. The MOD looks delish!!! YUM! Stay safe and know you're in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. My goodness, I wish we had a MOD around here! Mmmmm. Your place looks awesome! So modern and nice. Thank you for the kind comments on my article. From the start in my decision to do the article (to hopefully be an inspiration to others wanting to start their family), I expected kooks to come out of their underground holes and leave twisted comments but thank you very much for your supportive words :) I've noticed on any news web site whether it be CBC or CTV, a story can be about the most innocent thing like cupcakes or roses and there will always be trolls out there behind the cowardice and anonymity of their computer to twist things around and be negative. But life and love just keeps on a movin and trumps all in the end!

  5. Lovely hotel room, scrumptious looking donut. You must be very excited to meet your new baby, believe me words cannot express the emotions even as a grannie. Anxiously waiting the news.

  6. It's getting exciting now! Thinking of you and looking forward to updates! x


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