Aug 14, 2011

Delhi Day 4

Breakfast is included at ILH but today we decided to head out for classic McDonald's egg mcmuffin etc.  We grabbed a rickshaw at 7am and headed to Nehru Place for b-fast.  Not much is open early in Delhi so Mc'y D's it was!  Here is a hungry Mark:
The day was pretty lazy - seems to be our theme....for now!

Dinner was at Kakori House:

This has to be the friendliest dog in India!  We were sure he was coming home with us..

Dinner was good..Chicken and Rice and roti...cannot go wrong!

It is almost too hot to eat, but we are trying.  We tend to have two meals a day and lots of water.  I brought coffee from home so we enjoy that in the morning before the boys wake up (late by our standards).  Monday is a holiday so the market closes early and I imagine we will need to take care of dinner before 4pm since Rama told us that is the closing time tomorrow.  Regular shut down time is 8-9pm. 
We also did our first hand wash laundry, doing it old school.  Things are drying super quick with the heat.  Prior to our trip we were worried that the humidity would not allow the clothes to dry, but our room is nice and cool with lots of fans so it is working out well. 
On the first few days here there was a family from the Maldives staying at ILH.  They have twin girls.. Donna and Lona.  They were so cute and kinda nervous of us - apparently based on our skin colour (this is what grandpa told us).  As they were preparing to check out they gave us 6 cans of tuna to enjoy. We bought fresh bread at the market today so we will have tuna and toast for lunch tomorrow.  Here is me with sweet little Donna (pardon my appearance -was b-fast time and my hair...well...what ev)

Now we continue to count down the days until our scan...2.   Until then, we are just relaxing and staying calm.


  1. So nice. I can't believe you guys go to McD's. Even here they are so bad for you. Love the Indian food. Makes me long to be back there. Does your room have AC? I sure hope so. You look terrific and Mark as well even though I am not happy about the breakfast choice:)

  2. Enjoy your maccas! Have been following your blog and looking forward to what the next few days bring...

  3. You might just be there when we arrive! Can't wait for Baby Alan to arrive. The wait must be hard.

  4. Oh Kerrie, I'm loving the updates...i'm on pins and needles over here, SUPER happy Alan is staying put, the longer the healthier :)


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