Aug 19, 2011

Discharged and High Commssion

Well, Cailyn was discharged 24 hours after birth and she is doing amazingly well.  We arrived home with her around 7:15pm Aug 18th.  We went earlier in the morning and were able to hold her and really see her for the first time....amazing!  The Senior paediatrician came in to see us and declared Cailyn healthy enough to be discharged if we were comfortable with that.  Of course I told the doctor I have waited 20 years for this and she is coming home with us!  He asked us to pick her up a bit later in the day which worked out well for us as we were able to go get some formula etc...
Having my first moment with Cailyn

Proud Daddy!
Before leaving the hospital the Dr. asked us to feed and burp her to ensure she was ok.
Had to feed before leaving the hospital - paediatrician orders

Just precious!

Paras's Spring Meadows Hospital New Delhi- SCI Labour and Delivery - great hospital!


Baby Cailyn's doctor.  (look how shiny and sweaty we look - 47Celcius is a killer)

Her first night with us was quiet.  She obviously sleeps alot and we have to wake her to feed.  She is not loving the rude awakenings, but she has to feed!

Friday morning we headed off to the Canadian High Commission to start the citizenship process.  But, first stop was at the photographer for Cailyn's Immigration and Passport shots.  She refused to open her eyes inside the building so we had to take her out into the sunshine to get the eyes open shot.  What a little trouble maker she is!

Awe...that's all to say about this!  (I set this up - she actually sleeps in a bassinet).  India Luxury Homes has also provided us with a full size crib.  Amazing service here!

Tonight we went to M Block to buy a Pigeon brand bottle.  This is what the hospital uses and we are thinking Cailyn will maybe take her feed better with it than the bottles we brought from home.  Mark ended up carry baby C in the sling and boy oh boy did he turn everyones head at the market!!

And lastly...just after bath time..
I love my Adan & Anais muslin blankets


  1. Kerrie, I'm just back home from a few days camping out of cell phone range, and the first moment I got web access I checked your blog. Congratulations to your whole, beautiful, perfect FAMILY!!! Cailyn is beautiful, and you guys look so happy. Please enjoy every wonderful, sleepless moment; it goes so fast! P.S. 8/17 was Micah's original due date, though he came a bit early!

  2. Above comment from Stephanie; for some reason gmail isn't letting me log on to make comments under my name.

  3. Kerrie and Mark,
    The sight of you holding Cailyn brought me to tears once again. What a joyful day it must have been when you finally had her all to yourselves. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Every stage is the most wonderful and the best. I am still saying that after almost 30 years.

  4. Kerrie , we are all awwww -ing in the office! Love the photos! - Anna B.

  5. This is just pure bliss for me to see these photos. Be sure you check for jaundice each day. I assume you have to go back to the pediatrician regularly when they release babies so early. She is gorgeous and I can't believe you took her to the market at a day old. You are truly brave and calm. Can't wait to see more and more of Cailyn.

  6. Love the pictures!!You two are a natural!!Enjoy every minute of it!!Cailyn is gorgeous!!Now the easy part..paperwork...: )
    kathy and david

  7. The top photo is my favourite!!! Well done with getting Cailyn discharged and the paperwork started so quickly. Hope she sleeps through the next xx years for you - lol!


  8. You guys look like naturals! She looks so much like her mummy in the pics! Glad everything is going well. You must have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure this is real!!!!!!

  9. I love to see true hapiness on your faces! This must be the happiest day of your lives! Cailyn is so beautiful! I think she looks like daddy a lot :O) Good luck with all the paperwork and pelase know that we are thinking a lot about you guys and sending positive thoughts so that ou can come home soon!
    G&W&L&M and Baby :O)

  10. Mark looks great with the sling on! Who makes it? I'd like to get one for me and Orion :)

  11. What a luck little lady. I love the sun startled passport! Is Canada pretty smooth to get back into?
    I hope she keeps napping well so mommy can continue updating the interwebs:)


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