Aug 22, 2011

Finally discharged!

What a long few days in hospital!!  Cailyn did well under the lamps, and only had one melt down at about the 14 hours point and after that she was a trooper!
Having a feed after many hours under the lamps - she was hot hot hot!

Breaks my heart!  Day two she had the lower lights turned off and we were able to add a soft mattress and soft blanket to cover the mattress.  The eye wear is provided by the hospital.

When we were admitted there were apparently only two kinds of rooms available to us 1. Deluxe @ 6,000 INR/ night and 2. VIP @ 7,000 INR/night.  The VIP had two rooms so we opted for that.  The second room has a sofa large enough for sleeping and satellite TV (they call it the attendant room).  The Deluxe was a small room, did not interest us.  We were privy to the cost sheet for rooms and the cheapest ward room was 2,000 INR/night
We have a re-check in 48hours with the pediatrician. 
Now, we are off to the High Commission to gather our file number so we can initiate the DNA process.  After DNA, our immigration consultant will help us get a passport in 3 days, the we have the MHA and FRO office, then....home!


  1. You guys must be exhausted!! Take care of yourselves and little Cailyn will be better before you know it

  2. Orion's GrannieAugust 22, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    Glad to see everything on the upswing. You are lucky to get your passport in 3 days, oh so very lucky. Orion still does not have his passport, it has been one month with all the red tape. Enjoy your beautiful daughter.

  3. Aw, you look like a natural with her :) Glad she is doing much better, i know you guys must be tired..but thrilled she's out! Good luck with all your exit stuff and home soon!

    All the best hun!

  4. Glad baby Cailyn is discharged and doing better. Praying you guys have a speedy exit process.

  5. Moving so fast. Soon to be home. So happy for you all. I don't remember the lights being so hot. Combination of light and heat in the hospital. Not air conditioned?

  6. You are moving fast..... I will ask you for more details once you are settled at home. Wonderful to see these pictures of you all.

  7. Praying you home safe and sound with as little red tape as possible.

  8. You are such a natural, Keri! It's amazing how comfortable you look sitting in that bed feeding Cailyn! I hope that you are able to complete the process and return home easily. I know your friends and family will be thrilled to meet your baby girl. Best wishes!


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