Aug 22, 2011

High Commission

After being discharged from the hospital today we had to go to the Canadian High Commission to retrieve one piece of paper.  This paper acknowledged our request for citizenship and passport and asked us for DNA testing.  We took took this letter and the DNA application, scanned and emailed it to Orchid Cellmark DNA testing.  They very promptly liaised with the High Commission here in New Delhi to set up our appointment.  We are hoping that tomorrow we hear of a scheduled date.  The process takes about a week, but Orchid has said they will try to complete it in 5 days for us.  After this, we will obtain a temporary passport for Cailyn.  This will take 3 days to process, and in order to process it we need proof of return flights for all of us.  We have booked a reservation as of about 1 hour ago.  Since it is high season and Eid is upcoming there were no seats until Sept 12th onward so that's what we had to take.

Cailyn is doing really well.  We are blessed with a very calm baby who is happy happy all the time!  Here she is post UV bed looking hot and red.


  1. Hi Mark and Kerrie - just popping in to see how you're doing. Looks like all is well and you're soon going to be on your way home. Looking forward to meeting Cailyn.


  2. Hey guys! Glad to hear that Cailyn has fully recovered from her jaundice. We are sending positive thoughts your way so that all goes well and that you come home soon :O)
    The Ebreo XXX

  3. And STILL she looks stunning! What a gorgeous little girl!

  4. Happy to hear things are moving along well. What a darling little girl! B & SJ xx


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