Aug 27, 2011

Just waiting...

Now we wait....DNA takes about a week, then about 3 days for the passport and add one day for a Canadian holiday.  We are not complaining at all knowing what our friends in the UK have to endure. Looks like Cailyns passport should be ready around Sept 8/9.   We are enjoying spending time with her and just being a family. Cailyn is a very happy baby, and super easy for us.  She is a no fuss girl for sure! Here are a few pics from the last few days:

We are hoping to have lunch with Adam and Michael, but Adam has been under the weather.  Hoping Adam feels well soon!  Baby Beau continues to be beyond adorable!   Also at ILH is a couple from Ireland who's baby boy was born two days after Cailyn.  He is so sweet and adorable, and a hungry boy keeping mommy and daddy up every two hours!
SCI launched a new website today, full of great info on the facilities and programs.  Here is the link, have a look


  1. Such a pretty little girl :) the cuteness is off the charts. I'm sure you spend a good part of your day just staring at her. Yay!

  2. She is soooo cute and photogenic! Simply cannot wait to meet her. :)

  3. Gorgeous and smiling already :)

  4. Those pics are awesome!!! My favorite is the second one, where she is sleeping peacefully. I truly cannot wait to see you guys as a familly :O)
    Genevieve XXX

  5. How exciting that you've got an exit day, even if it is approximate. Let us know when you're over at the commission and maybe we could have a cuppa tea!

    Douglas and Chad


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