Aug 25, 2011

Newest Little Canadian!!!

Dr Shivani announces baby Cailyn's birth with some very kind words towards us!  Click on the picture to read.

Cailyn's umbilical stump fell off last night, YAY for that - its kinda gross. (Mark kept asking me if I wanted to keep Meet the Fockers how they kept the foreskin) To celebrate this she had her first real bath, which she loved!! 

Cailyn got all dressed up in her blue and pink outfit ready to head to the Canadian High Commission for her DNA test.  Nothing to drink/eat for one hour prior is not an easy task for a baby.  We tried very hard to encourage a feed before the cutoff time but no luck, so of course en route to the Commission we stared to have a fussy baby.  By the time we got in for the swab she was not a happy camper!  She took the mouth swab fine, but the thumb print was a whole other story! This was the first time we saw a tear come out of her eye...she was just so upset.  The nurse was sympathetic but the task at hand had to be completed.  Once she was done, she really enjoyed her bottle.  The delay in feeding sure had a ripple effect for the rest of the day with constipation and absolute fussiness.  I guess there is a good reason why we try to keep these little ones on a schedule. 
We now will wait about a week for DNA results. Once the High Commission gets the results they will start the passport process.   We hope to have the passport by September 7th, fingers crossed!
This evening my buddy Nilesh came over and we had a meal together.  I worked with Nilesh in Canada and we have remained in contact since.  He is from Hyderabad but his head office is in Gurgon, close to the airport.   I had hoped to get a pic of him and Caylin but the time flew and it slipped my mind.  He brought some beautiful pink girlie gifts for Cailyn which was so generous and sweet. 
The ongoing support of Anna Hazare trickled into GK1 today and the supporters took over M Block market.  The activity remains calm at Hazare's request.  The people of India love Hazare, so, we will see how the government reacts over the coming days.  Hazare is 84 and has been on an 11 day hunger strike.  His health is a big concern now and the police have asked him to minimize how much he speaks to the 100'000's supporters in an effort to save his energy.  It is indeed an interesting time to be in India!


  1. Hi Kerrie - that is so great you got to see Nilesh

  2. Wow, take care guys! You've got precious cargo now! I'm hoping that you are able to get the paperwork you need for a fast and safe journey home. I'm sure your friends and family in Canada are really excited to meet your daughter!

  3. Can't wait until you all are home.

  4. She looks like a little doll in the bath! Precious!!!

  5. She is absolutely beautiful! We are so happy for you guys and watch the blog constantly for updates. Glad to hear the DNA testing is done and hopefully the rest will go quickly so you can get home.

    So happy for you guys
    Joy, Kelly and the boys


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