Aug 30, 2011

Not alot happening

Pretty quiet days for us.  We have heard that our family DNA samples arrived in Canada on Monday!  This is great news, so now , hopefully by weeks end we will have the results in email and can process Cailyns' passport next week.  Monday is a statutory Canadian holiday so the High Commission will be closed, which means, in all likelihood our passport will be ready on Thursday (fingers crossed). With the heat not letting up, ever, we are pretty much housebound as it is just too hot for Cailyn.  In the meantime, we take pictures of our little miracle...
Thanks Bernadette and Duane!  It fits!! And, so darn cute!

Daddy has become a bum changing pro!

Smile as ya burp!

Wubbanub pacifier...only use it when someone decides to meltdown, or her food is not ready quick enough.  Very impatient little girl. Thanks Rebecca!!

I wanna watch that re-run of Friends ...if I could only crank my neck a bit further towards the TV.

Definitely one of the best things we brought to India...a very cheap bouncy chair.

All tuckered out....


  1. Beautiful little princess. I think the bouncy chairs are awesome especially when u rock them with your foot while trying to eat dinner or make the bottle!!!

  2. So adorable and so content.

  3. Love the new additions on the website. Great time to catch up on blog site. :)

  4. Getting bigger every time I see her on your blog..

    Mark is becoming an expert too... LOL..

    Don't worry guys, much nicer weather here waiting for three of you to get home...



  5. Love the new look of your blog, and never tire of looking at the adorable pics of your beautiful Cailyn.

  6. Your widdlytinks family is so cute! I can't believe how much Cailyn has grown in just 2 weeks. She's so cute when she's been "tuckered-em out". :D

  7. Cailyn is just so cute. I bet you can't wait to get home. Not too long now. Please continue the updates.


  8. What a beautiful girl. I can remember well that feeling of complete amazement and contentment. It never goes away!


  9. Ha! She could look cute in a paper bag! She is JUST PRECIOUS!!!

  10. I can't stop looking at her she is so beautiful!! Yep jojo is right - you will waste countless hours upon hours staring at her in amazement.

  11. Totally in love with that last pic!
    Gen XXX


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