Aug 21, 2011

Quick update

We went for our day 3 pediatric appointment and as we suspected, Cailyn has jaundice :(
She has been admitted for 24 hours and the secondary tests this morning showed a decrease in Bilirubin which is great, but as a precaution we have been asked to keep her in for another 18 hours.  Poor little girls HATES the UV lamps as it is too hot and she is naked and not being cuddled except to feed. 
For mommy and daddy it is a sad site which is worsened emotionally by being trapped in a hospital room that is 500 degrees Celsius!
As we were going to our room we had a chance meeting with our surrogate Sumita who was in the process of being discharged.  What an emotional scene in the hallway!! I started bawling and Mark was all tears.  I was thanking her and asking her if she was ok and she said yes, and she thanked us immensely for the opportunity.  She did get teary eyed and held my hand and then we looked at the baby together and Sumita smiled, happy to see this little miracle. Another woman with her who's English was better said Sumita is happy and thankful for the opportunity and happy to see the baby.  It took me hours to recover from this chance meeting, and still as I write this I am emotionally exhausted and teary eyed.
I have just come home for a shower so have internet access and figured I would post a quick update for those waiting.
Anyone coming to Dr Shivani should know that Spring Meadows hospital is a very good facility.  They follow all the American Medical association protocols and leave nothing to chance.  Both the senior and junior pediatrician are very good and have baby Cailyn's health as concern #1.


  1. Cailyn's health is rightly everyone's number one concern, but don't forget to look after yourselves while she's being cared for so well.

    And lovely that you saw your surrogate and you got to introduce her to your daughter. This would have been really special for both of you.

  2. That chance meeting with your surro will live in your heart forever. What a lovely gift of fate! Hope the jaundice clears up quickly and Cailyn is back 'home' soon.

  3. Hope she gets better quickly! I know you are both in heaven right now!! Congrats again! :D

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for little Cailyn, it must be very hard having her admitted back into hospital.
    Wow that would have been very heart wrenching seeing Sumita. Hope you can get some rest and things improve very quickly xx

  5. Cailyn's jaundice will clear up quick quick quick with those light and all your love. Seeing Sumita must have been something that is indescribable. Be well.

  6. Oh,wow,what a great chance to be able to meet Sumita!!That will hold in your memory and heart forever.Its always good to know that she is doing well...
    Wishing Cailyn a speedy recovery and know that she will be discharged sooner than you know it...positive thoughts and vibes being sent your way!!
    kathy and david

  7. How lovely that you were able to meet your surrogate like that. We are thinking about you and your family and hoping that Cailyn recovers from this little bout quickly so she can get back to being appropriately cuddled and spoiled. Please let Chad and me know if there's anything you need while in Delhi. We are more than willing to help out however we can.

  8. My grandson was jaundice and stayed under lights and then came home with this superman full body armor with lights. It was surreal. FYI once it starts to go down it never goes up again. So she is on her way back to you.

  9. First, here's to hoping you get Cailyn back in you arms ASAP. Second, what a wonderful story you'll have to share with her someday. So happy that you were able to have that special moment with Sumita!!!

  10. Praying Cailyn's recovery is speedy and I can only image how amazing it was to see and talk heart to heart your surrogate. That is truly another wonderful gift that will also last a lifetime!


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