Aug 28, 2011

We had a fun day!

This morning we had an invitation for lunch from Douglas and Chad , of course we accepted!  In an unusual manner we went to the US Embassy for lunch.   It is like an ex-pat compound with a great restaurant, pool, bowling alley and a few shops.  Mark was pleased to have an all beef burger while we all chatted about India, surrogacy and random things.  It was a real treat for us and we really enjoyed our company!!  D&C invited us to their home on campus for tea after lunch.  The grounds where they live are absolutely beautiful, and to our surprise they have a yellow Lab that smiles, literally toothy smile!  Joti the dog is just beautiful, and the constant dog smiling was a riot!  Douglas and Chad have a beautiful home and are starting to prep for the arrival of their twins later in the fall.  We cannot thank them enough for the meal and company, we hope to meet again before we leave.

The 5 of us at Doug and Chads house after tea.

Doug is a natural!

Beautiful grounds on campus - was really nice to walk on grass!

Beautiful grounds on campus #2.

An unusual tree with amazing air roots!

The fam at the tree.

Look at me wiggling around!!!

Getting chubby cheeks.

A common site here in India -children performing in the street for money.  Today they all had moustaches drawn on their faces.


  1. Kerrie, what campus and why are they there? Loved the photos and little Cailyn is indeed getting little chubby cheeks-so cute. Glad you have friends to hang out with. Is the Canadian embassy as good as OURS? :)

  2. What a beautiful location! I'm so glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy the day with friends. Any pictures of Joti to share? :D
    Cailyn looks so adorable with her chubby cheeks! <3

  3. what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family! xxx

  4. Thought C was getting chubby cheeks on your last blog posting, and these photos confirm it. So great that you're getting out and about while waiting for the paperwork to be completed.

  5. Glad you are enjoying this time. When you get home everyone will want a piece of your beautiful Cailyn. That's the one perk of being half way around the world, you get her all to yourself. I'm still thrilled when I get to spend time with my girls one on one. Isn't parenthood wonderful?


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