Aug 24, 2011

Wednesday Aug 24

Today was one of our many free days - looking for something to do to make the time pass. 
First thing in the morning we went for Cailyn's 48 post discharge appointment with Dr Sanjay Tandon .  He did a good check on her jaundice and said she has minimal to no jaundice YAY!!!  He also asked us if we had any concerns or basic baby care questions.  We asked about the discolouration her eye lids and he said a few weeks to a month this will be gone.  Also, he showed us how to take care of her long nails without clippers or files - simply using our own fingernails...very cool!  Her pulse and heart are great, and capillary flow is at 3 seconds which is perfect!  It was so great to visit him and have him spend time with us on a physician level and also on a more relaxed friendly level.  He had us cracking up talking about how stupid parents can be, and he basically said "if they choose not to listen to his diagnosis and advice then they can go to hell".  A real down to earth doctor, very enjoyable experience with him!  He also got her lab results and reviewed them with us, so, thyroid is good, CBC good, etc...  We were also given Cailyn's blood type and told she does not have a heart murmur.  Just an all around good news story for our girl!  The visit with the doctor is very affordable at 1000INR (about $22.00). 
Here is our girl today, all jaundice free!

I knew Mark would be an amazing dad, and sure enough, he is! Mark takes on some of the night feeds,  cuddles Cailyn, tends to her needs and all in all doats on her!  He laughs when he takes off the dirty diaper and then she pees on the change mat and he has to do a big clean up...such a patient dad.
Burp time with Daddy!

Hungry baby likes to be fed by Daddy.

After the doctor we headed to Select City mall.  We basically enjoyed lunch at the Punjab Grill and bought a few more bottles and laundry soap - very exciting stuff.  Cailyn was a very good girl at the mall and needed one change and feed while we were there. 
The rest of the day was relaxing at home, staying cool.   Tomorrow we have our DNA test which means the ball is rolling in going home.  Only about 21 days to go!!


  1. Kerrie she is perfect!! I love the pictures of you and Mark cuddling her up and feeding her. I cannot express how happy I am for you both. You finally have you precious little one!! Cannot wait to see you guys when you get home so we can meet Cailyn in person. Lots of love from us back here at home.

    Marie, Tom and kidlets..

  2. That is awesome! Just love the updates and of course GREAT pics.

    Nice to hear all is well all the best with the coming home process. Take care!

  3. You are all looking like pros...especially your pro baby! Enjoy your new memories in the making.

  4. She is sooo cute!!Mark looks like a natural!!Really enjoying reading all the updates,sounds like things are coming together very smoothly!!Enjoy your family time together!!
    kathy and david

  5. She's just beautiful. Loved looking at her with her daddy.

  6. Fabulous news all around. I love all the updates. I am interested about the nail filing using your fingernails. I used a clipper and nail file.

  7. Great news! Enjoy the rest of your time in India. P.S. SI Docs say 'hi'.

  8. All great news. Cailyn is so adorable.


  9. Wow they are very thorough. When I had my son in Australia they didn't check half those things!!!


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