Sep 1, 2011


We never had any doubts, but to get the positive results back on DNA was a relief!  Late last night Orchid Cellmark delivered the great news to us and the High Commission.  I would like to recommend all Canadians work with Orchid Cellmark for their DNA testing.  They were beyond efficient in the process and kept us in the loop throughout the process.  We have a 99.99% match!  Knowing what a solid lab Dr Shivani's team runs we never worried about DNA, it is more just a relief to be able to move onto passport step closer to home.
Monday we will be out and about at Lodhi Gardens for a photo shoot.  We have contacted a professional photog recommended by Doug and Chad to have a few family shots taken and some individual cuteness of Cailyn captured.   It's a shame to miss out on this being so far from home so we are super happy to have this option!  Let's just hope it is not too stinking hot on Monday.  Anyone who comes to Delhi and would like some professional photos done, feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch.
After the visit with Dr T, Cailyn is a new baby!  The colic drops are amazing, and her burps are now to be envied by babies and parents worldwide! At 32 rupees (65 cents CDN) a bottle we will be sure to stock up before heading home.

The "Pril" dish soap smells exactly like ginger ale.  Still, the yummy smell does not make me like hand washing dishes any better.  Oh how we miss our dishwasher!!

A staple here...we are on bottle number two.  We are very conscious of the need for rigorous hand washing.

We are finally using the Playtex DropIns bottles.  These are great as the drop in liner is disposable, only have to clean the nipples.  Cailyn likes these bottles too and since we take all the air out of the liner it can only help with her gas situation.


  1. hey there, you guys better market those colic drops in Canada, because there are sooooo many babies with colic and no relief. Glad Cailyn has found relief.

  2. i forgot to add that Orion uses Dr. Browns Natural Flow bottles, they have a straw like thing in the bottle that prevents gas, in addition he uses Good Start formula with Omega/Pro-biotics which is very helpful for a newborns digestive system.

  3. So glad Cailyn is feeling better.

  4. Glad to hear Cailyn is feeling better! And congrats on being on step closer to getting on the plane home!

  5. Not sure how I missed this blog. So happy about the DNA. I remember when Faith to Vishwas had one of the twins come back first not a match but when repeated it was of course.


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