Sep 2, 2011

A day out

Today we decided to head out to Hauz Khas village market.  We found out about this place from, once again, Douglas and Chad.   They have shared with all us surrogacy people a great map for fun places in Delhi.  click here for : The Map .    The market has mostly vintage shops and some really nice women's Indian clothing shops.  Since it is surrounded by a large park with lots of greenery, the temperature in the market actually felt about 5 degrees cooler.  If you are in Delhi it is a good place to hang out at for a couple hours.
We loaded ourselves and Cailyn into the car and were ready for an afternoon out.  It was a cool day in Delhi,  just 45 Celcius.  Such relief from the heat .........not.
This is how we travel in a car with a baby in Delhi  Thanks to the Coopers for the most adorable hat!  Fortopsy the security guard is in the back ground.  He was very concerned when Cailyn was in hospital for her jaundice.  

A pretty side of the market that over looks the park.  Daddy and Cailyn pose...

Inside the market, nicely shaded by the very tall buildings.  Lots of wires over head...

We ate lunch at "Bagels Cafe".  It was really nice to have a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a coffee.


Awe...sleepy head.

My fans and their cell phone camera

When we got home we fed and changed Cailyn, who then decided to have a pee mid change, so into the bath she went,

All clean and changed,  Look at the adorable floppy hat from Ireland!!!
Here is the moon you will see tonight North America!

Another beautiful sun set


  1. Hi Kerry & Mark

    Well you are certainly making the most of your time in Delhi eventhough your must be missing home. Cailyn looks so cute in her beautiful outfits.


  2. Great to see you out and about. Are you using a sling at all, or way too hot to have Cailyn that close?? Fantastic news re the DNA result and really looking forward to seeing your professional photos.

  3. Oh the wires. I took so many great photos of just the wires. I am glad you are exploring. All the photos and outfits for and of Cailyn and you two make my day. Not liking you are in so much heat and no car seat for you travels. Be safe and continue to enjoy.

  4. Love the pictures!! Happy about the DNA and look forward to hearing that you are on your way home. Cailyn is absolutely a beautiful baby! Seriously, perfect!!!!

  5. I LOVE that hat, alas, I can't keep one on Toby's head : (( I would wear that hat myself. Oh the wires, Bob is an electrical engineer and spent our first trip taking pics of the shoddy wiring et al to show his colleagues back home.

    Cailyn looks bigger already ... little sweetie.

    Meg n Tobes xxx


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