Sep 1, 2011

Farts and Mucous

Poor little Cailyn has horrible gas pain and a stuffy nose.  We decided to take her to see Dr Tandon today for a check up.  We arrived at the hospital OPD and the reception called Dr T for us.  We barely waited a moment and he arrived.  We expressed our concerns to him and he did a good check up on her.  He felt her abdomen, palpated it and confirmed her bowels we empty and after a good listen with the stethoscope he noted she has a lot of gas.  This confirmed our suspicion after a night of a screaming baby, all red faced with a bloated tummy.  He also looked in her nose and found a bit mucous - not a cold, just a collection of dust, environmental mucous, nothing to worry about.  He gave us a colic remedy for her gas and told us to expect mucho farting and good relief.  Also, he gave us some saline drops to help clean out her nose.  Dr T also explained some infant physiology to us, good learning's and very much appreciated!  Anyone coming to Spring Meadows should know that Dr T is a very good pediatrician who is patient with us new parents and very thorough with his approach to analysis and discussion of findings. 

Mark and the wonderful Dr Tandon

Oh hair...I look a mess after no sleep last night!

A beautiful sun set as seen from the roof top here at India Luxury Homes

The streets of our neighbourhood.


  1. So sorry to hear, glad all is well now! What was his remedy for a gassy baby?

  2. Have you tried switching baby bottles? We found that some brands worked much better than others. The one that seemed to work best for Emily was Avent but I know there are tons of brands out there for gas.

    I'm so glad she is feeling better and hopefully allows you all to get a few hours of rest.

  3. Do they still make the bottles with the bags inside that you can take the air out of? I love your little tour of your neighborhood today. I loved visiting India and this brings back such wonderful memories. Glad Cailyn is doing better and will soon be even better. Environmental dust don't like the sound of this. Stay indoors.

  4. glad she is ok love the piccies of her!!

  5. You look pretty fab for no sleep if you ask me!

  6. Poor Cailyn, I hope the gas remedy helps her! We are looking forward to meeting Dr Tandon late next month!


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